Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Weight Loss Drug Tested On Monkeys

New diet drug, I don't like the 'attacks blood vessels part"

"Obese Monkey's Lose 11% of their Body Weight"

11% doesn't seem like much, well for someone like me that is 50lbs.
HOUSTON — Obese rhesus monkeys lost on average 11 percent of their body weight after four weeks of treatment with an experimental drug that selectively destroys the blood supply of fat tissue, a research team led by scientists at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center reports in Science Translational Medicine.

Body mass index (BMI) and abdominal circumference (waistline) also were reduced, while all three measures were unchanged in untreated control monkeys. Imaging studies also showed a substantial decrease in body fat among treated animals.

“Development of this compound for human use would provide a non-surgical way to actually reduce accumulated white fat, in contrast to current weight-loss drugs that attempt to control appetite or prevent absorption of dietary fat,” said co-senior author Renata Pasqualini, Ph.D., professor in MD Anderson’s David H. Koch Center for Applied Research of Genitourinary Cancers.

Looks like it attacks the fat itself like an inner lipsuction or something. The blood vessel thing maybe worrisome in long run, but guess we will see.


  1. It's called Adipotide. I write about it in my book. If it comes to market it will eclipse viagra for Internet spam. I believe it could be the most abused drug of all time if it really does what it's reputed to do. I don't dare imagine what people with body dysmorphic disorder would do with it. The black market for this drug would be like nothing we've ever seen.

  2. I need to research what is the lastest with that drug. How strong is it? I tend to think they would never allow a cure for obesity, you may think this coming from conspiracy land, but think of the diet industry and rest that would go out of business tomorrow. I believe there could have been real cures for cancer that have been suppressed. You are right if something worked and was let out on the market it would beat Viagra. I almost had a relative talk me into going on Phen-Fen. The doctor I went to, told me because of my severe breathing problems, they weren't going to prescribe it, this was years and years ago. I was only mildly fat at that point. So with the drugs one has to be careful. I'd want to know if it attacks other parts of the vascular system?

  3. Yes, I think you are coming "from conspiracy land." WLS is already a "cure" for obesity pretty much. This is the company doing the research. They are working with the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

  4. If WLS worked wouldn't more be lining up? A true cure would have people lining up. No one would be fat. I dare say a cure that amounts to taking a sledgehammer to kill a fly isn't much of one. One where someone like myself is in danger of dying on the table, suffering infection, literally being cut into and then not naming the digestion and other problems that could be suffered.

    Even relatives who are rather fat-phobic after seeing some friends and office workers get WLS, and seeing how sick they got became AGAINST the procedure.

    I do have alternative views regarding the medical world.

    Two years in WLS looks great, after that, its where it's not so hot.

  5. Hunderds of thousands of people are "lining up" every year. Getting insurance coverage is usually the obstacle along with going through the various procedures required for acceptance. Given the number of years that WLS has been performed now, there are millions and millions of people who've had various versions of the procedure.

    I've been able to meet a LOT of very long-term WLSers. Their stories are very interesting to me. It gets difficult to find them because after awhile they just get on with their lives and they don't go around identifying themselves as former fat people anymore. You might only hear about the people who develop problems which may be the reason for your assumptions.

    Your situation is unique. The people I meet who consider WLS have dealt with their weight for many years, their health issues are generally obesity-related, they're in the high 200s and above for many years, and they're just tired of the struggle and they want to pull out the biggest weapon there is to take a shot at finally ending it.

    I have so say you come off as desperate to believe that WLS fails but the statistics indicate otherwise. If it's not for you, that's fine. But it's life changing and life saving for many, MANY others. I wonder if that's the real reason for your view? That other people can have what is now a routine surgery and by working with what it does for them, they're able to move forward and change their lives permanently. For someone whose only health issues are obesity-related and caused by their weight, surgery makes it possible for them to leave all that behind permanently. I understand it's not so straight-forward for you. You've been handed much more than your share, I get that. But I don't think you can compare your situation to anyone else.

  6. They are making tons of money off this. I do doubt we will agree on WLS> I see really do see it as torture for the fat, where one basically enters a 'new version of illness"[puking, pain and more, to no longer be fat, it is trading more suffering for another brand of suffering. What if I told you one reason I won't have it done, is I have suffered enough in this life time, to the point I have been diagnosed with PTSD. I really do think this is all they have to offer me, chopping my stomach up and 'locking' me up from the inside. My thin and one of my best friends is eating her lunch now, she does not blame me for my weight. You see, she lived with me and knows the score. We eat around the same amount of food.

    Millions and millions? I don't know I'd say hunderds of thousands maybe. I also do not buy the they are just getting on with their lives and everything is honkey dory. No WLS surgeon has thought of a marketing campaign where he could get a few 10-15 year in folks and have them come back and say LIFE IS GREAT? I mean imagine how WLS would sell then. How come they can't find those people? Not everyone moves all the time.
    I know a lot of WLS people, I was in size acceptance remember, and I have seen many get it done. The lucky ones survive and adapt and but then many of them regain the weight. The unlucky ones trade for other forms of illness. All I got to say is with my forays into severe digestive illness-renal colic, a history of IBS outside of that. I'd take the evils of even severe obesity over spending my life living in a bathroom having dry heaves.

    Sure the 200 pounders probably will adapt better to it, but then I find myself thinking with the still functional fat crowd, if they can't exercise and diet it off now, how is a temporary period of starvation where the stomach is "locked up" going to take it off FOREVER?

    I am not desperate I have seen WLS fail.

    I also ask the basic question...

    Why are fat people handed the MOST PAINFUL and SCARY AND DESTRUCTIVE treatment in the universe?


  7. I mean they couldn't come up with something worse if they tried. And by the way, it doesn't seem to kill hunger pain, and they tell you to still eat in every 4 hour intervals. Why not something where you could spend the day free from eating all together?

    You may not know this but I have a scary relationship with food now because of SEVERE FOOD ALLERGIES. No one here knows what to extent this impacts my life. I cannot take eating at a buffet for granted. I can die if I eat a potato roll by accident. I ate a Amy's burrito by accident that had potatoes in it, but a Benadryl took care of it, it was a small enough amount. Right now I have to watch seeds, MSG, oil, grease, and avoid 6 different foods. So what happens if someone like me joins the WLS brigade and then adds dumping foods and more that are "trouble"? MSG still makes me sick, even with the kidney stone treatment.

    I never had a doctor respond with an answer to that one.

    Nope its not for me.

    With the many others, this is what I think and I am going to lay it on the line.

    Yeah many get it done and they hope for the best...

    but when they regain, or get sick, I think they fade into the background. I think they are embarrassed. After all everything supposedly is the fat person's fault so if you sign up for this most drastic invasion of your body and things still fail, the surgeon will tell you, that you "out ate" your surgery. Many online attest to this. Why would there be more understanding, kindness and mercy in the bariactric world? I certainly would not expect it. if I had been diagnosed in time, maybe my weight wouldn't have gotten this high to begin with. I seem to be losing some now, but I am petrified every day the weight for whatever reason will start going back up. One hormone, something throwing off the sleep, some illness and I could gain a boatload in a very short time. I had times where I was literally gasping for breathe and held my hand up and said NO PREDNISONE! I will gain weight! People can't imagine my life.

    Also too, I am supposed to trust in the medical world? The same medical world that is failing with cancer and thinks GMOs are okay? Sure I have had kind medical professionals and I am on life saving medicine now, but I don't take their "wisdom" as 100% truths. WLS makes MONEY. That is why they have focused on one of the most invasive procedures on the planet. On this blog I ask the simple question, they got 10s of thousands of clinics and centers for drug addicts in this country and nothing to help the obese. NOt every fat person is an food addict of course but why is there only THREE entire centers in this country where a severely obese person can get help to lose weight, exercise and PT?
    Something doesn't add up there. Nope the fat person's choice is to get their digestion system mutilated. Todays lobotomy! Yeah I said it. The treatment shows the fat hatred even.

    Find me a 10-15 year person in, I'd like to talk to them. I would perfer someone who was at least 350lbs when they had the surgery done. I know WLS is not for me, I am glad you admit that, I have too many problems. WLS isn't going to fix high cortisol or severe genetic insulin resistance. It's not going to fix hypothyroidism caused cardiomyopathy or my going deaf.

  8. amy's burrito that was vegan and cheese dairy free of course..

  9. If you find me the WLS person that is 10-15 years in, and HAPPY and THIN, I'll put them on this blog if they are willing. I will still say I am against WLS, but remember even I admitted the roulette wheel spin pays off for some. Why do some have their metabolisms drop to the imposed starvation? Perhaps some do not have this affect.

  10. Generally when a new drug is coming into the market, first it always tastes on an animal to see the positive and negative side effects of drugs. It is just for experiment purpose to determine the impact of drugs on human beings.