Friday, November 25, 2011

What A Weird Picture!

Found this online today, what a weird picture! Well we all know the "thin person" fighting to get out of the fat 'cage" senario. I am of the opinion that the fat bodies do not operate properly as a whole. Even the higher levels of hunger are not normal. Exercise also HELPS the thin buff guy get better. Even when I was young, exercise often made me sick, and throw up and never seemed to be a fun exercise, the intense stuff just made me ill. I always wondered if I had some type of hormonal-adrenal problem that messed up the whole process. Panic attacks would ensue most of the time and this during times when I was far from very obese.

Of course they show the fat guy guzzling pop which I didn't like. The trainer physical ed types probably will use this for motivation in "us" fat people as their greatest fear, but I wish they would realize their bodies work properly and ours do not. I still think of the days where I could walk 4 miles and enjoy it but I still ended up fat. How does that make sense? My fat brother constantly works out, and maybe he keeps from turning into me, from doing so, but he seems to hover pernamently in the high 300s no matter what he does. It's like fighting a monster that is your own body. I have more stamina, I had to go up a flight of stairs yesterday, it was a bit scary, but I noticed I didn't feel like I was going to die at the top, that is the first time that has happened in years where I didn't feel death knocking on the door, from going up a flight of stairs, of course I had to walk up them slowly using a 4 point cane and the balance thing was scary. I took a risk there you know, wanting to see a friend. I did make it down. I often had worried I could not make it out of a building in a fire down any stairs. Now it looks like I could though there is some fear involved.  I have always dreamed of being thin for the freedom but the skinny guy with the buff muscles and thin limbs, could never even dream of what it is like to be the fat guy. Things just do not work the same.

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