Friday, November 25, 2011

The Different Quality of Organic Food

It is something I've been pondering. I have been spending a lot of money on food, and well, the digestion issues FORCED this change. When you can't eat MSG that wipes about 85% of the processed food off the shelf. I thought I was dying of cancer my digestion got so bad, but that dropped kicked down 80% of the bowel attacks, I was having. How many people are still suffering not knowing how toxins can come through food? I had sat down and thought it out, that things were just like when I ate dairy or eggs or other things I am allergic to and thought "THERE IS A NEW ALLERGEN" what is it?

What added to this is eating more ORGANIC food and I have noticed something, the quality is DIFFERENT to the food, it tastes better. I know I am not imaging it. I have been eating these organic apples lately, apples are very healing and I noticed when I ate one of these a day, my digestion behaved itself. Even the TEXTURE of the apple was different, I do not even know how to explain it. It tasted far better. I do not miss the shellac or whatever it is, they coat the regular apples with too. Even the skin was different.

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