Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Short Poem:

A Short Poem: I wrote this acouple years ago. When you read the end, I really feel that way, because this body works so differently.

Everyone thinks two hams is what I eat
Add in five cakes after dinner
The Weight Watchers lady yelled at me
for being the worse weight loss sinner
Only two lbs lost in four weeks
Cabbage soup coming out of my ears
Trying get my name off the list of freaks
for eating a second bowl of soup
for daring to eat something sweet
Geometrics a laughing joke
giant swelling turning brown
the price of fat leaving you broke
Body as enemy sinking down
Diagnosed with three glandular disease
thyroid dead, balding head
This isn't from eating too much cheese
I look at the thin people with their skinny physiques
and ask myself
are we even the same species?

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