Friday, November 25, 2011

700lb Lady on Dr. Phil

It kind of freaked me out finding out this lady is the world record holder for heaviest living lady. I was very near her weight and sometimes wonder if I was the Guinesss record holder back in the late-90s even for the world's fattest bride. I do think they need to look around a bit more, I think there are many hidden fat people in America especially, even in my last small town, I was not the fattest, and knew of a wheelchair man that outweighed me by 100lbs who I met a few times at the store, and also was told about a man that weighed nearly 900lbs that was trapped inside his house.

Pauline weighs nearly 700 pounds and is the Guinness World Record holder for heaviest living woman. She says she dreams of a better life for herself and her son, but is she ready to take back control? Plus, Style Network's Ruby, who has lost 400 pounds, shares her journey and offers support. For more visit

I don't know about Ruby being an example for this lady. Ruby is free of lymphedema and is one of the most healthiest people of her size I have ever seen, no congestive heart failure or swelling and a very strong ability to exercise. Ruby also had a TV show, a team of trainers and a gym. I think this lady's biggest problem is the lymphedema. Most people do not understand that lymphedema makes you swell, with FLUIDS but often people think it is fat.  It is water that is trapped in your tissues. My doctor's estimate even in me the water is at least at the 100-150lb mark. I can see it in her stomach and in her legs which are severe. Those legs are not puffy with fat but with fluids and that is where a lot of the weight comes from. I can lose and gain 30lbs within the day, due to lymphedema, and can see my stomach bloat and deflate.

I hated seeing the words "Take Back Control" on the Dr. Phil website as if people have full blown control over their weight and health issues. I noticed some issues about her possibly gaining weight on purpose to get fame, that would really bother me, and would denote a streak of self-destruction as I have remarked on the other "I want to be the fattest lady" in the world women. They are neglecting people with lower metabolisms. That is my life long problem.  This lady may have eating issues, those people do exist too though she mentioned having a "low thyroid", hypothyroid.

I wonder if Dr. Phil is going to help provide her with the same resources that Ruby has, with the gym, trainers, counseling. He did offer her pre-packaged diet food. Course I have seen this type diet food, [not the brand he offered her] with it's freezed dried patties and weird "canned" plastic meal containers and it is the grossest stuff on the face of this earth. I'd rather not eat at all, and can't eat processed things. I think she should get treatment for her lymphedema to remove water weight, they denied me that treatment telling me my heart was not in good enough shape, on my swollen leg, which is true, there are a few times about 7  years ago, when I would wrap the leg, too much fluid would get pushed up and I would get heart troubles if I wasn't careful. I know weight loss can knock down some of the swelling but may not solve the entire problem. How does one lose weight if they cannot exercise? She needs intense medical intervention. I also think the son should not be the primary caregiver and needs to start his own adult life, if at all possible.

I was near her weight and feared the wheelchair and what she is facing. The starve yourself and go exercise stuff isn't going to work, she needs more advanced care then some packaged meals. There are so many people now in America reaching these huge weights, they need more help rather then shame or blame.

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