Sunday, March 3, 2013

World Famine?

I always wondered what would happen to me if the food shelves emptied out? As people here can tell I am not someone snoozing about the world situation, I believe it is dire and believe that the US economy is collapsing.

I can't stand the UN but I'll take their word for it on this one:

UN warns of looming worldwide food crisis in 2013

We are facing at least in my area, food running out on store shelves, going to the store does not mean they will have what they usually carry. Overall abundance still rules, but the times I've gone to pick up what I want to see an empty spot where the product usually is, has added up. The tendrils of the collapsing American economy can be seen now in the town I moved to six and half years ago from the one that basically shut down with its thousands of abandoned houses. Here the rich keep a few downtown businesses open, but the closed storefronts, restaurants, and other places are started to add up. It's deja vu all over again. One's days are filled with pulling up in front of a favorite shop to see it closed. Just about everyone you know is underemployed or unemployed.

My own personal economy has collapsed twice. If the store shelves were empty for weeks,would my diabetes make it so I passed out only acouple days in and slipped into a coma? I have thrown up enough from being ill and been sick enough not to eat for 12-14 hours straight but that time, the world started to spin, and I drank some cranberry juice in desperation, which probably got thrown up too but at least held back low blood sugar thing, and I don't think the results would be that great. Would I maybe with a small food store, the left over green beans and rice in the cupboard, be able to take things so low, the body would adjust? One thing when I get sick or eat very little or diet severely, and don't eat from illness, I get very very cold. I've told doctors this. I FREEZE. I think my body shuts down the metabolism even further. A 95 temperature is not an unknown if I am not burning up from fever. Of course I have shared on here enough times, my dumpster diving and hungry days. Yes I know ironic. We bought food the other day, and the prices were so high, I thought I'd faint, and they are getting higher and higher.

So what happens to really fat people in the event of famines or other world events when food gets wiped out or even completely inaccessible?I believe if everything hit the fan, the lack of medicine probably would be enough, within days. I have to take so much thyroid medicine to stay alive, that alone would affect me adversely and really fast. I wonder in world history did being moderately fat, people who can still walk and function, help one survive this stuff? I mean that is the reason we are given for fat after all, supposedly for human beings to survive famine. DID IT WORK? 

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