Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kidney Stone Update:

I saw the kidney doctor today, they can't do lithroscopy if you are over 400lbs at least around here. if anyone knows different please tell me. I was told I can go an hour north. Has anyone faced this before? If you have weighed more and gotten it done I'd like to hear about it.

 There is a drug I can go on to dissolve a stone that is 1.8 centimeters, but I would have to go off my congestive heart medicine which is Spironolactone because of contradictions, the drug also feminizes me from all the PCOS. I hope I would not gain weight from some androgens returning. Given that surgery is dangerous for me, you can see where this gets complicated. They told me I could leave the stone in too, given I feel no pain from it and they would watch it every few months.

I will have to see what my regular doctors opinions are or if there is any options for this stone. I did bring up the possible Cushings issues, regarding kidney stones, I think doctors are still sticking with the severe PCOS diagnosis. I had to admit to this guy my testosterone when I was finding out about the PCOS was in the strastosphere.

I was told to stay on allpurinol for now but maybe need to get that book on acid vs. alkaline issues. I was told I was lucky they were uric acid instead of other types of kidney stones.

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