Wednesday, March 6, 2013

But I thought Calories Were Making Us All Fat?

Despite obesity rise, US calories trending downward

Everyone is getting fatter but they are eating less? Now doesn't that challenge everything we are told? Maybe everyone's metabolism is dropping because good food is harder to come by. That is a struggle in my food insecure household. I sent my husband out to get 40 bucks of food, and was so pleased to see a big bag of oranges, I found myself thinking,  "What is this, 1900 where the kid gets the orange for Christmas and cheers for such a great treat? I wonder how much of the less food stats is economic. Magazines from the 1980s told housewives to make a salad and dessert with every meal. The only time that may happen with us unless we are eating out and getting a special, is on Thanksgiving

They claim everyone is moving less and exercising less, but I don't buy that either, most people have a set amount of tasks to do. Even I am forced to do dishes and many activities that are HARD. It is still a miracle I did not lose my mobility but I fought for it. Isn't the normal person still having to mow their lawn and walk their kids to the bus station? They may be able to make the claim there is less leisure since the 1970's with Americans who are employed still working away. No, more is going on when it comes to obesity and this article basically is just one of those signs.

U.S. adults have been eating steadily fewer calories for almost a decade, despite the continued increase in obesity rates, according to survey data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
"It's hard to reconcile what these data show, and what is happening with the prevalence of obesity," co-author Dr. William Dietz, former CDC director of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity, told Reuters Health.

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