Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Fat Artist

This was a batik I did before I took the wax off...

 More and more I consider myself an outsider artist though I have an art education degree. This was a topic of discussion this Sat with local artists. I do think the art world has some serious fat and class discrimination within it. Ever go to an art opening? I go to many around where I live because they are free, and you will see me in the local art museum at least twice a month when the weather is good. The artists always seem to be lean and wealthy. I know they come from a different world then I do, but I go to enjoy their art and many of them are nice. Art does need some money to keep afloat, but one thing that I support is keeping art available and accessible to all comers.

I know my art isn't considered the norm. I am going to do some art work for a themed art show. I have not been part of what people call the "normal art world" which class wise for me remains a place of expensive entrance fees my household cannot afford. My art shows have been independent sort of events, where I have tossed in music and food.  I've sold independent paintings and I've had  DIY [do-it-yourself] art shows. I want to plan another but need to do more art work since I sold a lot off 4-5 years ago. One thing with me the desire to write now wrestles with the battle of being an artist. I am working on a comic too that is a story about my life. Perhaps I am too scattered, but I know time is short and want to get some of these things done while I still can.

One dream for me would be to spend a week at a handicapped accessible artist colony. I would love this, I don't know if I can make this happen, but the best memories in college were old times in my painting and printing studios.  I did take a drawing class at our local art museum but have to call them to see if I can get a scholarship for one of the new art seminars. Once a week, if I am not housebound, I go to another local art school, to do collages, batik and spend time at. This is where some of my most fun times I have been. That's my arm in the picture working on a batik last year. This week I went and did collages.

Art has always been a part of my life, I majored in it, and was an art teacher for a time before I was disabled so young. I've kept it as a major part of my life. I hope to show more of my art on this blog, both older and newer stuff.


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If you are a fat artist come say hello.....

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