Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Picture That Says It All

If anyone thinks that those who are claiming an obesity conspiracy are nuts, just look at this picture. Everyone was far thinner in the 1950s, all you have to do is pick up an old magazine and they took screen shots of PUBLIC AREAS where it wasn't all models. Something is being done to us from the outside, a culmination of a TOXIC environment. I've gone and looked at that awful website People of Walmart, and you can see how poorer people in America who are more forced to eat adulterated food and suffer the toxic consequences, all look ill, packing on weight. Double-click picture to make it larger.

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  1. FYI, the CDC has data on average heights and weights from 1960-2002 online. Assuming they use the same methods of data gathering, the average adult height in the US has increased about an inch between the 60s and 2002. Average adult body weight in the US has increased about 24 pounds. Average adult BMI in the US has gone from 25 in the 60s to 16 in the early 90s to 28 now. Of course that's averages not individuals.