Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fat Talk Has Become Old Talk?


There should be more women who question what they read in fashion magazines. Baby Boomers, I apologize in advance to the decent people I know in that age group, but that is the generation where our society became so much more shallow and looks focused. It is sad that even some people who are entering their elderly years are still so vain and focused on their looks. I wish some people would question this stuff instead of going along with it.  Now they have gone from fatness to age?

Why Have I Gone From ‘Fat Talk’ to ‘Old Talk’?

 Becker is an author of a new study in the Journal of Eating Disorders suggesting that for some women, “old talk” is the new fat talk — and may be a signal for the same type of physical and mental health problems, including binge eating and depression. For the study, researchers surveyed more than 900 women, ages 18 to 87, and found that while fat talk tended to decrease with age, old talk often came in to replace it, and that both were reported by women who appeared to have a negative body image. (While the problem is much more common in women, men, too, can be at risk, researchers say.) 
Dr. Becker began looking into the issue after the owner of an exercise studio who did not allow fat talk asked how she should handle women who said things like “I look so old” and talked about “Botox parties.” 
For many women living in a society where they are bombarded with images of the young and the thin, body-image problems are a longstanding issue. But Dr. Becker said she had also spoken with women who made it through their younger years largely unscathed only to start worrying about their looks in middle age. “They didn’t expect it,” she said. “They didn’t anticipate it.”
Actually since I reject the beauty prison, growing older in some ways has been freeing. You are judged less for being fat if you are old. Left alone more I suppose? I noticed this as I aged and my hair turned gray and I was walking with a cane. So out of the "I have to be pretty" contest, you stop caring, dress to please yourself and so does the world. I still like fashion and can't wait to wear a new necklace a friend sent me, but it's a different way of thinking.  I may complain about being older, in terms of worrying about shortened time and health problems in my case, but looks stuff, who cares? I know I will never look like the models in the magazines especially after this many years!

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