Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"14 Painful Examples of Fat-Shaming"

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14 Painful Examples of Fat Shaming

"Blogger Melissa McEwan created the #FatMicroagressions hashtag to start a conversation about the inappropriate and hurtful comments directed at overweight people on a regular basis. Microaggression, a term coined by Professor Chester Middlebrook Pierce in 1970, refers to small acts of aggression towards people of a certain group -- usually those of non-privileged races, classes or ethnicities."

Fat Microaggressions, hmm to me these may amount sometimes to the look you may get while existing in a fat body. Of course one does not want to enter the world of paranoia where you think every person hates you because you are fat but fat micro-aggressions for me would be this list:

1. Chairs with arms and going into doctor offices without any non-armed chairs.

2. Hip restaurants that have all high stools and little uncomfortable chairs.

3. Stores that always stop at size 26 or even 32. 

4. People who say at buffets, "That's all you can eat?" One time I ate 2 plates of food at a Chinese buffet, and the owner came up to me and said, "Don't you like our food?" I said, I ate two plates, I'm full, she didn't believe me.

5. Being told if I ate a certain diet, it would fix all my bodily problems.

6. People who don't understand that bodies do not work the same.


  1. I am not sure about for fat women/girls, but a lot of fat men/boys hate the thought of using a communal shower. Also in gym class at school I do not know if they still use the skins vs shirts to setup teams.

    A combination of the above and swimming class almost stopped me from graduating from High School!

  2. I think communal showers are gross. In junior high I was forced into a communal shower and refused to shower and just the points and barely passed gym. High school there were a few private showers but the changing area was public. They do torture fat kids with this stuff though a lot of schools don't require gym or showers anymore. I saw the use of skins vs shirts and hope they have changed that! I understand not almost graduating from this stuff. The Ys and public pools aren't much better though some got smart and have a few private rooms.

  3. Also about chairs--- The combo chair/desks in High School are torture for fat teens and are a barrier for fat adults in the college level trying to take classes.