Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fat and Fit Doesn't Exist?

Well I've said myself there's no 400 and 500lb marathoners, but how fat do they mean? Does one have to be stick thin to be in shape? Once the fat is on, it's harder to exercise too. I have to go do my walk after I type here, it's cold--I have to do in the apartment hallway which is fortunately long and now I can traverse it twice instead of just once, but exercise for me is only keeping me mobile and doesn't have magic life-changing effects beyond that. I do wish someone would get to the core basics of fat, one can tell all us fat people, yeah you're unfit but what is that going to change if no one is able to lose weight and keep it off.


  1. This is why I think that the greatest gift Fat Acceptance could give to fat people is the support to get out and walk even when one is feeling down about how their body looks or about their level of mobility.

  2. I agree. A good place to exercise and just be there. I did hate the focus on dating in fat acceptance at least with the groups I was around years ago, it made the focus about selling one's self on the meat market, rather then just having a safe place to just "be" and be comfortable in one's fat body.

  3. Being fat is not a thing to be be ashamed of.But it bring with you a lots of diseases! Is there no other solution for weight loss? Why do fat people run away from surgical weight loss programs if exercise and diet do not solve their problem?