Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"Richard Simmons Goes Bonkers"

This is kind of sad. Warning you will find this video very alarming. Well diet guru, Richard Simmons, has gotten older and hopefully he will have figured out, the 1980s are over, and most young people may not even recognize his name now.  I honestly haven't seen him anywhere in years on TV. I don't watch mainstream news shows except rarely. This video is very crazy. Please watch it at least half way in to see how far things disintegrate. It shocked me.

 I never liked Richard Simmons, he's not my cup of tea but this interview is SCARY.  Notice when he says to the interviewer, "it's about me!"  I always felt sorry for the fat women who would burst out in tears on talk shows to Richard Simmons, and always felt uneasy about it. Like he was the histrionic conductor of misdirected emotions from fat people. I had to quit reading this books or watching his shows, because he made me feel lousy, and while I danced to the Oldies a few times for the exercise, I was still fat.

The misquoting of the Bible literally made me cringe, "when you have self worth, you inherit the earth", um, Richard, it says the MEEK will inherit the earth. Obviously he went through hard times and was bullied in high school. He seems very depressed and mentions that he has buried a lot of people to obesity. Sigh, well even I will admit the war on obesity has failed. My own war, I've been stuck in the trenches and barely staying alive, just kind of holding the same line despite endless efforts on multiple fronts so on that score I can understand the tears. However I believe Simmons has damaged many fat people by pushing the false status quo of the diet industrial complex while he purports to CARE.

Simmons does the nauseating fake crying though some of the emotions may be real, he seems to overdo it.  Richard Simmons maybe today could come out and say "Look the diets and exercise is failing, something more is going on here. We are not winning this war!" Yeah I'm dreaming. He seems to be more a distraction rather then anyone who will bring truth to the whole mess. There's no one whose going to derail the money train that is enjoying it's benefits.

Then he goes into a litany about parade floats and the rest that makes absolutely no sense. The "conspiracy" website Vigilante Citizen maybe would tell us Richard Simmon's "programming" is breaking down if they saw this video and reported on it. Some will know what I am talking about a la Brittany Spears style. Maybe this is Simmon's public head shaving event, but he makes no sense and seriously engages in "word salad" as the pyschiatrists would say! I watched this seriously worried for his mental health. Why does he keep wanting to crawl across the table towards the interviewer? The lewd gesture he keeps making with his mouth is disgusting.

Is he cracking up because he looks out at the landscape and sees the lost war on obesity? I don't know. This is one scary video......

Why is the one creep laughing in the background as he slips back and forth from lucidity to delusion?

More mild weirdness earlier on:

Stranger stuff on another TV show...

Disturbing....if this wasn't some famous guy with money acting like this, they'd getting him some help. Everyone laughs but I do not see what is so funny. I think we should have compassion for those with mental health problems and challenges, but I feel bad watching him. Something is very off. I do not think he is faking "craziness" only for attention.

This picture says it all....

                                                      [picture source]

He always has been "wacky" and even was 25 years ago but this is new terrain....


  1. He's just trying to keep his act fresh. I didn't even know he was still around.

    1. I got his Sweating tapes for after knee surgery, and I used them until I was able to engage in more vigorous activity. I appreciate his optimism and sense of humor. I also appreciate his low-cost fitness routines which are accessible to a huge swath of people.

  2. I wonder too could he be ACTING crazy to get attention? But even that comes from a place of mental illness if you think about it. One thing that bugs me about him is he seems to have no problem in degrading himself if it will draw the eye balls in.