Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ban on Trans-Fats

It's odd how they are willing to ban this, but do nothing about the GMOs, and MSG.....


  1. It's not odd at all, no. Trans fats and MSG and GMOs are apples and oranges and bananas - or not even that as they're not like kinds in terms of scope.

    Trans fats are a class of chemical forms that fat can take. We've been using them for many decades now, and many studies have demonstrated a statistically significant link between trans fats and cancer. MSG, on the other hand, is a single naturally occurring substance that's a byproduct of fermentation. Humans have eaten MSG for millennia, and it has no proven ill effects; the 'artificial' form used as an additive for the last 50 years or so is 100% chemically identical to the natural form that we've always used, and which is heavily present in foods such as parmesan cheese and soy sauce. GMOs aren't a type of chemical at all, but rather a method for enhancing crops; genetic modification has altered many food products we use, and as it's only been used for about the last 15 years we don't yet have enough evidence to draw firm conclusions about either individual GMO products or the method as a whole (as unlike trans fats there's no underlying similarity between all GMO products, it would be unsurprising if some modifications were safe and others were not).

    So, three totally different situations; trans fats are a narrow set of substances known to be dangerous, MSG is a discrete substance known to be safe, and GMOs are a range of products developed using the same method which we've allowed to become widespread without yet conducting much in the way of widespread testing. I wish we had more GMO testing rather than automatically assuming GMO products are safe to human health, but as of yet we don't have the evidence to conclude that they're dangerous. Unlike trans fats, which ARE dangerous.

    1. MSG is "generally regarded as safe." That does not make it safe.
      Many people have negative reactions to MSG, ranging from mild digestive discomfort to full blown anaphylaxis.
      MSG is an unnecessary and often harmful substance, but food manufacturers use it because it enhances the taste of food and makes people want to keep eating it.
      One of my cousins was able to stop using asthma medications after she started watching out for MSG in her food.

  2. Trans fat is actually bad for everyone. MSG is harmless for most people so banning it would be non-nonsensical (though perhaps there should be better labeling). GMO's are such a broad thing that its entirely likely that there are both positive health GMO's and negative health GMO's. It would depend entirely on what is genetically modified and how. GMO's might also be important for mass food production in the coming years since we are fucking our environment into oblivion, we'll need hardier crops.

  3. I agree with you on Transfats. Not so much on MSG. See here:

    But then I don't think a government ban will work on any of this stuff. Since MSG occurs naturally that would be a disaster.

    What would you consider a positive health GMO? I do not consider GMOs hardier, if anything since they are homogenizing crops and seeds, they are actually increasing the dangers.

    All I know is if I eat a non-GMO cereal it digests, mainstream cereal, I'm sick for days digestively.

  4. MSG has always made me have a migraine if eaten in relatively large quantity like a Thai or Chinese meal out where the kitchen uses it liberally. Since it is a taste enhancer, I find it suspect because food, real food, tastes great all on its own without the addition of an enhancer other than a little salt and herbs or lemon juice to brighten the flavors. MSG is an excitotoxin and I do not wish to ingest it in quantities that make me feel ill. Trans fats cause heart disease -never heard that they "cause cancer" though many cancers are linked to obesity ( notice I did not say "obesity causes cancer" but rather obesity is linked to certain cancers-there is a difference. ) As far as GMOs go, not enough evidence based info yet though Monsanto is not a company I admire and they are involved in many questionable practices as are other Big Agro businesses. Support your local small farmers!!

  5. Sorry you get a migraine from MSG. I get digestive upsets, and bowel pain that is almost immediate. Our Chinese restaurants around here do not use it very much with helps. I've learned to even watch out for dextrose. I think food tastes just fine in it's original state too which makes one wonder why are they putting MSG in so many things? I think Trans Fats definitely have hormonal and other influences, the body cannot clean them from the system as easily as other fats. Yes I don't admire Monsanto either! Yes support local small farmers, and the more organic they are the better!