Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Who Loves Salad? I Do!

Here is a salad I ate the other day at a restaurant., the one day I could escape outside this month since we had a very brief warm-up. I love salad. This was a chef's salad but of course I had to tell them to remove regular cheese and eggs from it which I am allergic to. I like to make salads and make everything from bean salad with sweet onions and Newman's Own Balsamic Vinegar to coming up with concoctions over iceberg lettuce or organic greens. Here are some salad-making links.

50 Meal-Worthy Vegan Salads

Vegan Salad on Pinterest

Regular Salad Recipes on Pinterest


  1. I love salad... I put salad under the wheels of my car during ice storms to keep it moving.

  2. Q, you are cheeky.

    Peep, I'm a big fan of Newman's dressings, I've tried them all. My current favorite is their oil and vinegar. Plus, I like iceberg lettuce, it's crispy and refreshing, but snooty foodie types think it's the polyester of lettuces. I get smug smirks from them at the supermarket.

    I was watching Madmen and they ordered iceberg lettuce and blue cheese dressing. They each received a quarter head of lettuce and gobs of dressing - looked good to me.

    I will admit salads are a hassle to make but are good eats and I crave them. I find pre-made packaged salads, unless they are made fresh daily, have a real chemical/preservative taste to them.

  3. LOL, I thought I was funny.

    Yes Newman's Own is one of my favorites. I hate the stuff with all the chemicals in it, so buy what I consider good salad dressing and that brand is on the list. I like iceberg too the best too. All those greens in the box aren't as gentle on the digestive system always. I like those quarters of lettuce and old recipes that serve it that way. I have done that before. They are a lot of work. I wish I was more organized to make more salads but try to make them as much as possible. I refuse to eat bagged salad, has a weird taste, old fashioned ice berg you have to break up yourself is much fresher. I can tell if a restaurant orders their lettuce cut and prepackaged or if it's fresh. The one in the picture they are buying their own iceberg and cutting it up.

  4. Here's a cool dressing recipe- take some great olive oil, a few splashes of red wine vinegar, a few ribbons of anchovy paste, a tablespoon of mayonnaise and a little Dijon. Then grate a fresh clove of garlic into it and mix. Can add some fresh Parmesan. Yummy on all lettuces etc. I like iceberg too Lisette! Enjoy to all!