Friday, September 25, 2015

Digital Hearing Aids

I got digital hearing aids. I found a program to be able to get them for a low income person and a sponsoring hearing doctor which streamlined the process.  I can hear! To be honest, it is frightening how deaf I walked around for years. There are some complicated emotions coming up for me because I can finally hear what people are saying after ten years.

 I can hear crickets and birds chirping for the first time in 10 years. I can hear what people are saying so I do not have to lip read! I'm not that good at lip reading either. This may change things for me socially as I was becoming completely lost far too often. I had an analogue amplifier hearing aid that I used but speech became unclear to me. I wear the hearing aids all day, and even have them in now to hear the phone if it rings.


  1. Hi Peep. This is wonderful news! Suddenly having access once again to a world you've been missing, must be an incredible experience. So happy for you! - Lora

  2. Peep, this is wonderful! I thank God for this!

  3. Thanks Lora and Smakintosh. :) Oh yes it has helped me a lot. I can understand people far better. I have the hearing problem where words are not understandable. I can feel the change already and wear them almost every hour while waking. Even hearing the phone is a better deal.

  4. I have them too, thanks to socialized medicine and private insurance. Surely, access to workable hearing aides should be a basic human right!
    Glad you got them Peep! I must admit, my fave thing about having a 90% hearing loss is turning off the world whenever the mood suits me!