Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Why It was Easier to be Skinny in the 1980s


Why It Was Easier to Be Skinny in the 1980s

So doesn't this mean it is something environmental and not that everyone just decided to go become "lazy" and fat? I am glad they exploring other factors in the obesity epidemic from plastics to growth hormones in meat.


  1. A lot of people these days are getting fat while not even eating. It's definitely something in the environment. People go on about "calories in calories out" but there are plenty of people these days who eat LESS than nothing--that is, they get chunks of their flesh actually cut off from them every day, instead of eating anything at all--and they STILL get fatter and fatter. Also, some people have kinetic energy allergies that cause them to swell up enormously whenever they move their muscles or the planet rotates. It's all environment, genetics, and science. No force on earth could reduce the size of some of our fattest at this point. Even after death, their corpses will continue to grow until ultimately we will all find ourselves crushed by them. It's certainly not any individual's responsibility to try to change anything about this, unless that individual is God Himself. Trying to solve problems is an inherently incorrect activity anyway. Many sources on the Internet support this. (But it's still important, of course, to raise awareness by posting incessantly on blogs.)

    1. You've been reading too much of fat logic. What a laugh. Supposedly we will all be thin, if we do everything what we are told and eat "perfectly". It's the biggest BS on the planet. Wish some of you poop-lords would actually visit a fat person instead of your dumb-ass-sumptions. That's why it took me 17 years to find out my body was actually swollen with fluids. Yeah we sure have total control of our bodies, you know we can conquer that death thing and all....

    2. My name's not Ragen, they can find a damn cure.