Monday, September 7, 2015

Putting Down One Group Won't Elevate Another

Check out this article:

Are you Racist?

This article is scary with it's extreme PC stuff. Have you noticed our society wants everyone shoved into their little demographic boxes and if you do not fit anywhere, you don't matter. Am I weird to react to this article saying, "Hey people are people, why does everything have to be about race and color?" and "Why does it seem like they don't want people talking to each other?"

I believe the global elites are using the race thing to do a divide and conquer. Race is a focus and a tool for them to divide and conquer. The 1 percent will cheer as they have blacks, whites and Latinos and other races all fight. I believe they even use immigration as a pressure on countries too. I do not blame immigrants who simply want to survive, but they are denied decent livings in one place so the elites can suppress wages in another. They are used as pawns for wars and for economic purposes.  As they destroy the economy, they would rather people fight among themselves rather then notice the real problems, and how society is becoming more corrupt. I go with the Bible on race:

Acts 17:26 KJV

"And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation."

So what we see is the left doing the new "white bashing" thing focused on "white privilege" where every white person is presented as wealthy and the oppressor and someone that makes 6 figures a year and lives in Mayberry, and the Right does its thing which is play it's blame game which seems to center on blaming poor people especially African Americans who are poor though whites are often included as the source of all the country's problems. They of course put down anyone who is on welfare and act like jobs can be picked off a tree.

 I hate both political sides.

I'm not an Anarchist, but I found this article written by one of some interest. He definitely well defines how states can play the divide and conquer games using race to fulfill their sociopathic goals. He uses hair color as a metaphor for race.

Race: The Divide and Conquer Tool of Tyrants

A second and final thought experiment: imagine for a moment that you are a sociopath, and that you aspire to rule over a people, living off the sweat of their brows as a parasite. Your biggest challenge will be to keep the people’s eyes off of you and on one another when the problems inherent to parasitic relationships begin to arise.
As your taxation ushers in poverty, you can dodge the bullet if the grays believe that the redheads are milking the system. As your regulations bring unemployment, you’re safe if the balds believe the jobs are being taken by the brunettes. When your corporatism causes rioting, you are in the clear if the silvers believe that the mixed-hues are given legal preferential treatment. When you want to go to war and must convince the people to fund it, you would do well to demonize the savage raven-heads on the other side of the world.
Racism is the friend to and the creation of the controlling collectivist—a redundant term, to be sure.
The truth is that there is only one race at issue here, and that is the human race. It is just as inane to classify by melanin as it is to classify by height, age, shoe size, chin shape, or eye color. Such groupings are tools of the State, and as such, are to be soundly rejected.

What does playing "privilege" games do but breed resentment and distance between people? Are people going to befriend their "oppressors?". Why do they seem to want black and white people walking on eggshells among each other?  If I am a white person talking to a person of another race, why not be real instead of following endless PC rules? That is a person who is most likely to turn into a friend. The narcissists and sociopaths that run our society want to divide every group they can and create as much hatred as possible.

Will another group of people find dignity in life when they are always patronized?  I'm so poor that if I came out against anyone more privileged then me, the only friends I would have left would be two homeless friends from my old town.

I would like to ask someone how does bashing white people lift up anyone? And why do all these liberals present white people as all one monolithic group that seems to be all wealthy and right out of the suburbs? Conversely they seem to see black people and other races too all monolithically too. Everyone's a cookie-cutter according to color. Remember philanthropy can be a cover for sadism.

Sure racism is a problem. I saw an inter-racial couple I was friends with almost get jumped in Chicago by some frat boys. I was thrown out of a skating park because I brought in 10 clients who were African American. Just for being with my clients when I was a residential counselor, they and I would hear racial slurs.  I almost got beaten up in a mall when I was with another client to the point security was called in.

The South kept black people out of restaurants, colleges, schools, business establishments, and drinking fountains before the Civil Rights movement. There are still Klu Klux Klan members. However racism can go all ways. I was laughed at when applying for a job and told I wasn't the right color. I was turned away from another job. There are people being knocked out in "knock-out" games for being the wrong color in some places. In the wrong place and wrong time, anyone can be a victim of racism. Wickedness is sadly a thing that affects all of humanity.

My own race is complicated. I am a dark enough white, that I had an African American man come up to me, during a friendly chat when we were both in a park, and ask me if I had Indian blood? I gave him an honest answer, "I don't know.". Others in my German ancestry dominated town have asked me if I am Greek or Italian.  I sometimes even get the subtle feeling that my more dark looks are one reason not to be liked in my family especially among the blonde and blue eyed set within my mother's family.  No one looks like me around here.  I'm lightly olive toned with almost black hair that is rapidly going to grey.

I spent my young life, working and living in predominantly African-American communities, working with troubled youth and in inner city schools. I lived in a "ghetto" area where I was the minority in two different neighborhoods. My best friends when I was young were Vietnamese.

On his #11, I wanted to ask him if he is high? Anyone without cash, of ALL races gets crushed by the justice system. The police state is growing for everyone. This writer lives in his own classist bubble seeing white people as wealthy and able to afford justice. According to him, no white person can do anything right. Even the guy who marched with Martin Luther King still stinks if he is the wrong race. I hate to tell the guy but white and poor means being crushed too. They may have started with the crackdowns in the ghetto, but unless someone is living under rock or under a mountain of cash, they would know one most often buys their justice today.

I have known poor people who were white without bail money who got crushed by the system too. Here they want division too, where he wants to have people of one race think that the other is getting nothing but easy breaks. This keeps people from asking too many questions of a system in general that is growing far more corrupt. I am horrified watching the police brutality grow, with the right wing defending the cops trained to grow more militaristic and the extreme sides of the left wing acting like the system is still just for "some". It's just for those with cash. Divide and conquer. They can do the round-ups and federalize the police force, using racial divides to put up endless smoke-screens.

The guy who wrote the "Are you Racist?" article emphasizes differences between people and patronizes people of other races as well. I believe this kind of stuff is worsening racism in America. It sounds like it was written by a Committee for Mind Color and 1984 "proper speech" rules.  There are aspects of the left that scare the crap out of me. The term "people of color" is patronizing too. Am I a person of color? Everyone is on the spectrum somewhere from lighter to darker. Do they think this stuff will actually fix race relations? Are they nuts? Just read his endless rules, and his message to focus on racism above all else, and you will be afraid to open your mouth in fear of offending someone. That's not going to build a relationship with anybody. 


  1. The only thing I'm racist against is narcs. We don't have a lot of different races here but still I managed to see the narc spectrum throughout the groups. I'm a very white person even though I'm French (french are mostly olive too) but I have to run if a narc is another race. If I get targetted, I don't stand a chance given the way it works around here, I have to be careful. I did work with a black lady once that I trusted never to hurt anyone, and no one can even use her as a pawn, I've seen it tried on her, and no deal. I think she might even be the first person to never be used as a pawn. She never fell for the narc agenda. I worked close by her, I was safe. Otherwise I was targetted everywhere I went.

    I know this post is about whether the media is using race relations to create friction. Well, I think so. Any time to create friction that is what a narc loves.

    1. Yes they are using race relations to create friction. The elites move people around like pawns. Since this world is run by sociopaths and narcs, they are going to do their damnedest to set up every group of human beings against each other, and they are doing this wonderfully. Globalism is about making slaves of people worldwide including the third world and the way to control the "serfs" is to pit them against each other. Basically everyone is fighting for the few crumbs thrown down from the sociopath elite's table and they are enjoying the show. I am glad you had the black lady to trust at work. I had protectors I found of all colors at jobs. Sometimes this was the only way a very ill Aspie could survive. I am glad she saw through the narcs.

  2. Peep. I usually love what you write, but in this post, you are not using your empathy.

    If a rich person were writing a post like this post but about poverty, trying to frame the inequality between rich and poor as merely a false cause for divisiveness, you would NEVER pay them heed, because you'd know they have no idea what being poor in America is like. You'd recognise the lack of empathy, and you'd realise their real goal - to avoid talking about the inequality between rich and poor. To be defensive about the position they're in. To keep the limelight on themselves, and shout down any poor writers who said otherwise.

    You're not without empathy. I strongly suggest you take a day or two to go out and read posts on this topic by black writers. Use your empathy; open your heart to others, don't reach defensively to think only of your own position, as a white woman in poverty. Open your reason to the people who've lived with what you're talking about from the outside. You don't know about this any more than a rich writer could know about what your life is like.

  3. I know race is a very complicated issue. I almost did not post this afraid to offend and feared stepping on a land mine. I do believe racism is still a major problem out there, I hope no one misunderstands me, but the focus on race first has me worried as it seems to have created more fighting and racial dissention between people.

    You are right I have even said there are things that people do not get about the poor, even details of how we have to live they never had guessed, so I will think seriously about what you said. I did talk to friends of other races about some of these issues. I have read some older books, even the book "Black like Me", Toni Morrison etc but maybe I need to read some updated things and about what they are facing especially the young generations.

    1. I don't think you can say there's more 'fighting and racial dissention' when the truth is that we've spent our lives ignoring acts of racist brutality. That people are documenting police brutality and other racist abuse, that they're writing about it and protesting about it - that's not creating 'fighting and racial dissention', that's the only possible route to a solution to a division that's been brutally enforced for CENTURIES.

      You'd never normally be afraid to post something... You usually write from experience and deep knowledge, and to hell with offending anyone. I think fear is a sign that you know you're not doing that here.

    2. When have I ever denied racial brutality?

      Even in the article I detail racial events I witnessed.

      I have no problems with people standing against police brutality. You will notice I refer to what I call the growing police state. The right supports it's growth and tossing everyone in prison. In fact they have new slaves they are using for the corporations since corporations get people pennies on the dollar. How come I never see but the fewest of liberals [maybe a few due on from the Ralph Nader side do] discuss these issues openly?

      I have written many times I am not politically correct. Trust me I have paid every price in this world in holding to my ideals. I still don't get how trashing whites helps black people? Police brutality is growing for everyone, it is hitting the inner cities first but that is an issue impacting us ALL. It's divide and conquer. I'm not sure some are even understanding my message.

    3. *All* poor people are afraid of cops—especially since they can't afford the best lawyers! And just because you have nothing to hide does NOT mean you're immune to being targeted by overzealous law enforcement officers.

    4. I hate to say this, I think narcs are using your post of this article to smear against you. I found languages in the "Are You Racist?" offensive because it contains many gaslighting statements and attack rather than resolutions or recommendations. It is an article written by a narc who does not care about anybody but himself and his ability to get his as "an activist."

      His argument against police brutality and the wording he used is a gaslighting statement against poor white people who are homeless and are worrying about getting food on their table and a roof over their heads. Some so-called activists are very privileged who do not care a hoot about Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

      I have been on the activists world, matched and went to meetings. Everywhere I went, there were dead headed narcs fishing for glory, accolade, and fame.

    5. Anon, I agree all poor people are afraid of cops. When I was in living in the inner city and a minority in my some of my old neighborhoods, I was as afraid of the cops as my neighbors.

      I saw them grab people and toss them up on the back end of police cars. They did a raid on a house in my neighborhood and I saw them screech in the middle of the neighborhood, go inside and start making arrests.

      I was law abiding and just as afraid of them. Sure some may be able to make the case some races are more in danger from cops in certain places, but definitely ALL poor people know to steer clear. Police brutality happens to the poor all the time even women.

      Even the law abiding poor know if you are in the wrong place and the wrong time, watch out. We don't have bail money and cash for lawyers. Some of the wealthy activist articles make me want to throw up because the rarified life they represent on their articles is not part of my experience at all. The poor know all too well, miss that fee or don't pay that ticket you have no money for, the jail-house awaits.

    6. Thanks anon, I think many of the statements were gaslighting. I read some of his stuff and one had to think a certain type of person could do nothing right no matter how hard they tried.

      There are many who sell themselves as activists, yes pretending to care, that is one place like religious pulpits where he can slip in.

      There is horrible police brutality against blacks. It is happening against Latinos, Asians and even some whites too.
      I was outraged about the man in NYC who had asthma they threw down on the ground over selling some illegal single cigarettes and managed to kill. This stuff is putting us all in danger as the police forces grow more brutal and are militarized.

      I see many of the liberals clueless about the growing police state that is encompassing all of us. I have read websites on police brutality and know stories of them invading the wrong houses and even permanently maiming a little Latino boy in a crib doing a drug bust and it was the wrong house.

      Nothing will happen to police brutality with the left worried more about politically correct speech and the right who calls for more crack downs on crime and more prison.

      Thanks for noticing his gaslighting statements against poor white people. Some of the worse activists like that don't even admit we exist. I do see these activists coming from the privileged set. All I have to do is read one of those articles, and they outline this rarified life, that has nothing to do with my reality but supposedly it applies because of the color of my skin. I have no issue with someone saying police brutality is a problem for African Americans or they receive harsher sentences. The powers that be have formed new plantations in our prisons, using the drug wars to do so, and giving the corporations prisoners who work for pennies. I agree with the premise of the book mentioned in this article.

      Read that stat it will blow your mind.

      Of course that enslavement will include other races, as they make the sentences longer. America by far has the highest number of people in prison per capita then any other nation in the entire world.

      I have seen enough racism first hand to know all sorts of evils exist in this world. This activist was racist in making assumptions about whites. I don't believe anyone should make assumptions about anyone. I actually see some as coming from very sheltered worlds where even their view of the inner city and of other races is patronizing and very limited. I do see them as VERY Privileged and even the stuff they come up with is not things seen via real life experiences, but via text books and political indoctrinations.

      Sorry you met up with so many narcs in the activist world. Sadly charisma sells in that world and the ones who scramble to the top, they use the issues, to gain notice and attention, and it isn't the ones who really truly want to help.

    7. If you Google these ladies names and type "anti-racism," you could see for yourself what kind of people these authors are. It is about control and elitism. You have to submit to their verbal and emotional abuse in order to be considered "anti-racist". You have been abused already. Enough is enough.

      They are getting respect and accolades for their work and support the types of feminism that made me and a lot of women single and helped narc women to snag good men. Grrrr

    8. thanks anon. I agree they submit people to abuse, even reading that article is endless put downs. Also they threaten people with being called "racist" to submit to their demands, you are right about that, do what we say or you will be considered "politically incorrect". We see the same elitism in feminism which I wrote about too. It does help the narcs. The narcs put on the required social masks and use the "rules" to grind people to dust.

    9. There's the slogan "Anti-Racist is code for Anti-White"—and that is most definitely true at least 99% of the time.

  4. No, Peep, you ARE "using" your empathy (not sure what that means) and just as importantly, you are demonstrating an ability to perceive the world around us with the clarity and accuracy of a laser. Love of money is the root of all evil. ALL evil. It's all about economics with the psychopathic control grid that's been in place for the last 4,000 years (or longer). I've been watching Ken Burn's Civil War on PBS the last few nights, and though it can be a bit light, the message that resonates in my mind after watching it is pretty clear: It's all about controlling the serfs through a system of monetary exchange. Blacks were dehumanized in order to groom them for roles the elite designed for them (even honest Abe Lincoln wanted to ship the blacks back to Africa - emancipation was a political move brought about in part because the north was getting it's clock cleaned by the southern generals). Slave labor. Cheap labor. We're all slaves to the psychopaths in charge. A little critical thinking makes this much clear to those willing to exercise that faculty.

    1. Thanks Smakintosh, I agree about the love of money being the root of all evil. Yes the Civil War was about controlling the "serfs" and these evils continue to these days. Right now they are having every group fight for the crumbs on purpose turning everyone into slaves. Having people focus on the other groups keeps the eyes off them. I totally agree it's about us all being slaves to the psychopaths in charge.

  5. Moving a comment posted here:
    Hi everyone! I want to warn you that some claim they are fighting for our Civil Rights are narcs who want attention and accolades. I still believe in Civil Rights and opportunities for non-white people. Unfortunately, there are poor white people who are not racist and who are being set up to hate us by elites and narcs.

    I used to fall for these types of articles and then learned many hard lessons. These "activist elites" are not interested in helping poor minority students to succeed in Ivy League university or other elite institutions. I asked for support and mentorship and got hurt. I could give you several examples. Hope it will make you think before you jump on poor people like Peep or others who are complaining about narcs in politically corrected world rather than people of other racial background who are true victims of many racial incidents, hate crime, and discrimination you could imagine. I have been there and still believe in fighting for these issues. However, I also believe in class-based and race-based affirmative actions and programs for poor people. I hope you are aware that there are affirmative action for children of wealthy parents (children of alumni or children of wealthy people who donated multi-million dollars to an elite university, etc) and that poor minority students have been denied of admission to these top universities.

    Another example I could tell you is that minority students who are in Ivy League universities are usually descendants of people who came from Africa or other countries rather than descendants of slaves or those who came from a very poor family who did not have social or educational capital. Several universities made efforts to correct these issues while at the same time they are making sure that these student-applicants are ready to take courses in their school.

    Third thing I want to warn you is that when I approached African-American professors and graduate students for mentorship, they hurt me worse than their white counterparts. For example, one professor told me in an email that she is not interested in working with me in graduate school because she did not think we were a great match. She referred me to a white professor who treated me much better than she did. In another instance, a black graduate student complained about me when I sent her emails for mentorship and advice on graduate school. She was a teaching fellow of a class about slavery and I was interested in studying slavery issues. She complained to her supervisor, a main professor of the course. I was stung when the professor sent me an email and copied it to the dean of student affair complaining that I was disruptive to the class and she wanted to remove me from the course! So here is goes! I don't think Peep and other poor white people are racist. Please be kind to people and don't give narcs their

    1. Thanks anon, for your comments. I agree there are narcs that have infiltrated too many places and they use things that were meant for positive changes warping them for the powers that be. Civil Rights I agree with too. People should be free to pursue opportunities and have freedom of association. It sounds like you have faced some classism and racism mixed together in one bad stew in an Ivy University. The political correct world is a world of narcs, because say one word wrong and the smear campaigns begin. I have faced trouble like this even in categories I fit in, like Aspies on one Aspergers board where one moderator tried to tell the Aspies what terms they could use. etc. This is more about control rather then fighting for rights and harmony between people when narcs get in the mix.

      One thing I kept thinking about writing this article is thinking about narcs, and how they triangulate people against one another, this happens on the microcosm too, where they literally are triangulating groups against one another. There are people who are true victims facing horrible things. I talked about the racial stuff I saw and this was in a northern state where most people would think everyone has gotten past those things. I am glad you believe in class based affirmative programs for people too.

      LOL you are right they have allowed in the wealthy ones what do they call those the "legends"?

      It is interesting to me you are noticing that wealthier foreign students from Africa are being given more placement in the universities rather then poor African Americans who may be descendants of slaves or from other poor families. This I believe is because globalism is running the show among the wealthy elites. They are reaching out more to other countries rather then paying attention to the needs to people at home. I am glad some of these universities are dealing with these issues and dealing with this.

      Even if one take financial aid, are they supposed to look at academic and other criterias first not one's source of money to pay the tuition?

      I am sorry you were hurt by professors and others. In college, I was discriminated against for being an Aspie and I had classism but I know having racism thrown in the mix and more would have been very hard. I had one professor who did not like me who flunked me even with As and Bs on my test. Discrimination in the university setting is a harsh factor and surely many experience racism there too. I believe life can be very hard for the disabled too.

      I have always found the term "not a great match" to be one that a lot of open and rampant discrimination is done under. My husband heard that term during the job lay-off here. They never told him anything exactly he had "done wrong". I am glad you found the nice professor.

      Why did the one fellow turn against you and claim you were disruptive. Maybe you had opinions they did not like. Universities are supposed to be open to new ideas. Sometimes people will do that to censor those with opposing ideas.

      Thanks for post. I agree about being kind to people and not giving narcs their glory.

  6. Oops! I'm sorry I posted on the wrong page! My comments meant for this page and I'm glad you moved it over. The missing word in the last sentence should be "glory!"

  7. I just wanted to add that as a white female with Aspergers I have been treated very poorly by people of all races.