Friday, September 4, 2015

What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets

What I Eat Around the World in 80 Diets.

I find these kind of photo-escapades interesting because then one come compare what they eat with people in other countries.  You can tell poverty affects the amount of food and quality. Some of the laborers eat more then others too. Some eat a lot of vegetables.  So far today I've eaten a turkey sandwich with three tablespoons of cottage cheese at breakfast and a turkey sandwich [both on multigrain bread] with a bowl of hominy, tomatillo, and chicken soup [small Chinese soup bowl filled 3/4ths] for lunch. I had half a glass of diet-7 up and plan to eat some chicken and pasta and veggies for dinner. So I am seeing people in these pictures eating the same as me who weight 120lbs which always blows my mind. Many in the non-Western nations look like they have more wholesome food, rather then processed things.


  1. Hi Peeps!

    Happy belated Birthday to you!
    What great photos! I agree with you in that the non-western countries diets look more nutritious, I can't get over the 38 year old Kenyan lady on 800 calories a day! She looks 18 and the picture of health, the cows behind her looked a bit on the skinny side though. I know I'm being shallow, but the 45 year old surfer guy - wow!

    I'm so hungry now after looking at all those photos, the photos from Iran look delicious, and especially as I had a really boring dinner - cod in parsley sauce and some peas, I might have to go and make some toast.

    If you don't mind me asking - what's hominy??

    What Indian dish did you have for your birthday?
    A few years ago a friend from Nebraska came over - to London (where I'm from), we have countless Indian/Balti places to eat, and I think it's quite well known that the UK's favourite dish is curry/Indian, my friend mentioned she was very fussy about food, no onions, no garlic, no tomatoes, so she missed out on some potentially really good meals!

    Best wishes


    1. HI Annie welcome to the blog, thanks for the comments on my photos. LOL I wanted the Middle Eastern/Indian food the most too. It looked tasty. The Western food was too packaged and processed. The non-Westerners definitely had more fruits and vegetables. Hope you enjoy your toast. I miss fish but you used to love cod. We had Indian buffet, I had a piece of naan, some tandoori chicken, some butter chicken, good rice with safforn and raises and palak chaba--creamed spinach with garbanzo beans. It was a very tasty meal. I have heard curry and Indian food is very popular in the UK. It is more a big city thing here, I sometimes wonder how I missed eating Indian food my entire life until recently but I used to go eat at Middle Eastern restaurants and Vietnamese restaurants in Chicago.
      Is curry wurst a thing in the UK or is that more Germany. Your friend would be missing out on most decent dishes. I use garlic in everything.

      This explains hominy:

      I usually make soup with it.

      I shop on a normal basis, even did today at a Mexican market and eat many classic Mexican foods--I bought tortillas, queso fresca, chorizo, etc Often hominy is used to make a soup called pozole. I make mine with chicken not pork and sometimes buy canned pozole. I ate some for lunch. Thanks Anne.

    2. Thanks for the link about hominy, corn is so versatile!
      As for the curry wurst - no, I've never seen it here! But I might try and hunt it down.
      Mexican food is getting more and more popular over here, there are a few chain restaurants, but also "authentic/independent ones.

  2. Oh, Happy belated Birthday Peep! Sorry I missed the day.