Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Economy Crashing? Blame the Disabled!

This article made steam come out of my ears the other day...

Job disability a headache for U.S. recovery

While one of the corporate minions in this article mutters about "lost skills" during a gap in one's work history that is a misnomer, everyone who has ever applied for jobs, knows they go nuts if there is even a 6 month gap, for someone taking care of an ill relative or even taking time off to travel, this is just something else they take advantage of, can't have one of the hamsters jumping off the wheel even for a break!

Trillions for wars, and they want to expand the whole Pax Americana thing globally by the way....

Trillions for the bankers in the banker bail-outs

Manufacturing shut down in America, jobs outsourced, so basically the majority of our past industry has been shut down.

but the collapse of the economy is blamed on the disabled!

Give me a break.....

I concede that now since we have millions of unemployed that those who are on the unhealthy edge and realize they aren't getting job because they aren't young, fit or dare I say "perfect" enough anymore according to the corporatists, the disability system is being overwhelmed.

What else would happen in a society where there is NO PLACE for millions of people? They are lying to you about the economy, and they are playing the game of blaming the most vulnerable, to cover up their greed! Whose realizing what is really going on? It is so very few. They own the media after all, they can convince the whole country and have done so with ease that the cause of their troubles, is granny and that disabled person over there.

I warned a few people, it may not be there the way things are going soon. Be very careful. If you can't breathe well or know that trying to work would hospitalize you, apply but if you are on the fence healthwise, and have other options do explore those. The rhetoric against the disabled is getting BAD out there.  

Anyhow this article made me very angry. I know they got most of the populace believing most on disability are parasites. I was so angry yesterday after seeing this, I went off on a tear saying to husband, "Why didn't I ever have a job when I was young with a living wage and more importantly AVAILABLE HEALTH INSURANCE?"

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