Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dr. Phil Show: World's Biggest Bride: Confessions of an 800-Pound Woman

I have posted about Susanne Eman before...


"Dying to the Fattest Woman on Dr. Oz"

I have to admit, I tried to watch this show, but got too disgusted dealing with some of my own issues and health problems, didn't feel like listening to Dr. Phil castigate fat people for "committing slow suicide" which he kept repeating over and over. The thing that is so sad about this, is this lady who has participated in this circus side show, will help perpetuate stereotypes about the overweight that we all overeat, and that we have chosen our fate, through her would be feederism participation. Here we see the false notion that most people choose to be ultra-obese advanced.Also I saw the part where she showed utter delusion about her obesity as if she was "healthy", I thought to myself here is more of the Obesity Hegelian Dialectic! I think even having the sister claim she eats healthy, was to help to add to the confusion and to help silence us fat people who are trying to get help beyond the EAT LESS mantras.

I tried to write on the Dr. Phil message boards, a response and sticking up for people in my position but they censored it and would not post it. Guess I am not surprised.


  1. There are several features of the Susanne Eman story that are interesting and worth further discussion.

    (1) first, a side comment. Man, it's rather miraculous that she can walk as well as she does at 800 pounds, and seemingly without much overt pain and without assistance. Jaw-dropping in fact. I wonder if anyone her size has ever had that level of mobility. She must have unbelievable knees, other joints, tremendous lung capacity. compare her to the 23yo fat kid in your other post - at a slightly lower weight and younger age, he's helpless, can't even sit up. Far more typical for someone weighing 750. Just an observation.

    (2) I do think you are overly concerned about this case. I don't believe that anyone could hear about her and think that she is in any way representative of any other fat person. Her claims are just over-the-top. But more importantly....

    (3) I seriously wonder how much of this is show-biz. We don't really know how much she really eats - I have severe doubts that it is as bad as suggested, when the camera is not rolling. Certainly the sis seems to think so. and the children are worried about her health, but they don't exactly say my mom just eats and eats and eats. 20-30,000 calories a day? NO WAY.

    There are men and women who over-feed or are over-fed by someone in the hopes of gaining weight...we don't know how common it is , but it is a real phenomenon albeit one mostly done behind closed doors. Not on TV. And in most cases people stop after awhile. I think.

    (4) So let's imagine this. however she got to 723 pounds, at some point in time, she's sitting there at that size. And obviously, like a lot of people wants some celebrity. people in general are willing to do lots of crazy stuff to get on tv. And there are entrepreneurs out there who will offer someone her size a way to make money. And at this point in time she can still function somewhat. So she exaggerates...and titalates that segment of the population that finds such things titalating.

    it is interesting that she has gained almost 100 pounds since her first public unveiling a year ago. her body must require 6000 calories a day to stay even, so she probably is consuming like 6500 a day. that is a lot. i suspect that she might actually be taking this "I want to be the fattest person ever" stuff seriously. People can believe in their own myths. But she did seem a little unhappy when the new weight was revealed. Not exactly what we expect from The Person Who Wants To Eclipse Carol Yeager and Humble Donna Simpson.

    (5) but let's look at this another way. what is her alternative? WLS too risky at her weight. diets seem pretty hopeless without mammoth, sustained intervention and incredible willpower. the predicted failure rate for her would be about 99.8%.

    Prediction: so she'll drift until someday she falls and injures herself. then she'll lose enough weight to have WLS, lose more, and settle in at 400lbs.

    But we should probably just stop writing and thinking about her. She'll go away. They always do. Only to be replaced by the next willing victim.

    (7) finally, assuming the above is correct, we could also puzzle over who is exploiting whom. If she enrolls a couple thousand people who pay $8 a month to see her pictures, she's pulling in a serious chunk of change for a couple of photo shoots taking a couple of hours of her time. I don't know who is making the money, whehther she is clever enough to run her own business, but she should be able to earn a million dollars over the next five years from hapless FAs.


  2. I just don't understand why anyone in their right mind would choose to do this. She should be thinking about the overweight people that can't become skinny. Yet, she is choosing to become fat as a choice. Her fiancee is participating in her death and keeps making her fatter. When he should help her lose weight and care more about her body. She will die. Her heart will just give out on her. I'm not trying to be rude, but these are just the facts.

  3. To Anon above..

    (1) I think it is a miracle she can walk at 800lbs too. Walking became very hard for me at the near 700 back then I was still tall and had not lost my height, around 511 and half. I am in shock to be honest. My house call doctors have told me I am a rarity to walk at even 500lbs, they seriously told me that, they know I make myself walk on purpose. I lost a week being housebound but made myself walk outside with a new walker and now can walk more and need to keep doing it. I think she is far stronger then most fat people including me, and I have had doctors in shock I can walk and used to be told I was very mobile for my size before I lost my balance and of course today I can't get off the floor.

    (2) Yeah I concede to that, she is more a PR stunt. I do not think Ruby is typical either. Ruby seems to me to have been a binge eater and eating addict who got help.

    (3) I know they definitely exaggerate the food thing for show biz. I often would love to really know what other people my size eat. I know what thin people eat being around some of them before. I went to a buffet today, and really I can't eat more then one plate and maybe a few bites off a second. I thought yeah this is not how most would expect a 500 lb woman to eat.

    She could be metabolically fat or have an other disorder. I cant remember which one had the sister that Dr. Phil called a liar when she said my sister doesn't eat that much.

    Yes it is hard to know who is the feedee or who is the binge eater or the metabolic/endocrine case.

    I would think people who do the fringe feedee stuff, would be forced to quit by health, immobility and age.

    (4) Yeah you are right it could be money making. Most women my size are not busting out with huge bank accounts. Most are poorer then dirt, stuck on disability checks. Unless you inherit money or marry a husband of far higher status and employment if you are big and giant fat, you are poor. I probably was better off then most ultra fat women for years having an employed husband. We were working class, but he had a job that had insurance for years. He is one of those who got laid off past the age of 40 and never was able to recover.

    Yeah I could see tons of PR stunts being done.

    Yeah she did seem disappointed, but even there we see the conflict.

    (5) Yes the failure rates are high. Hey I have lived the failure rate. I know I haven't gained, but even I think you better check....I get paranoid of gaining any weight and well losing has been a foregone conclusion, ever since that original drop from the near 700s.

    Dieting doesnt work, too much hunger--I contend with that. One friend couldn't believe to when I told her I had hunger pain every 4-5 hours. Her metabolism will drop even if she manages to get the food way way down.

    WLS even at my size they tell you forget it and I was told there is a 50% chance of dying on the table while in the 500s, with her up it to 75%.
    So you think she fall and lose? Such as being in a nursing home. I fear the nursing home,because I am scared the cheap nasty food would make me lose weight and have my bowels check out{I have to eat so specifcally not to get ill, no one here would never imagine with all the food allergies}

    LOL yeah she will probably go away.

    (7) Hey I knew women selling photos of themsevles, even at super weights in size acceptance world. I was approached, probably because I was young[at that time] and so so big. I wasn't a Christian yet [am today], but I already had what most would consider ultra-conservative values, so I told the folks to go away. But yes, many did make money doing this. I know of an 800lb woman don't think she is still alive even who did this for "work". I actually find it sad that big women feel led to do this for "work".I do imagine many are draw in via some of the FAs too.

  4. zoops correct above, the "cheap nasty food would make me GAIN weight"

  5. Hunger Games Girl,

    she later relented a bit on Dr. Phil. Don't know the latest latest story, that show was a repeat. Her finance seemed upset and saying she had to lose weight...but

    I did find this...

    I wonder if he is really going to marry her?

    I got married at a gigantic weight. I probably DID hold the record for years, in fact I think the chances are very very high I did, but I am a private person. I have this thing about not selling out for money, a moral code as it were. LOL may be the reason I am still so poor.

    I was near 700lbs on my wedding day, and I have a video/pictures, for proof, I am huge compared even to the me of today.

    Hmm I guess if I wanted my 15 minutes of fame...


    When you hit the mid 600s you are acutely DYING.

    I was in the hospital almost MONTHLY during my peak weight. They actually expected me to die. The doctors think it is nuts I lasted this long, but even now I have been warned of an early grave. I try to think Oh I will be one to outlast everyone and beg God for more years.

    But at 800lbs, you are not going to last too long.

  6. As long as she is happy and healthy which she appears to be, then all is fine. Susanne Eman was probably using her weight to cash in $ which she can use on better food, a more active lifestyle and ... surgery if necessary.