Saturday, May 19, 2012

Diabetes Can Take a Toll On Your Emotions

Hey life by the numbers with condemnation attached isn't going to make for happy campers. I learned that my own sugar shot up by 30 points whenever I cried about something. That was quite a lesson about sugars, cortisol and stress.

'Diabetes Can Take a Toll on Emotions"

Extremes in blood-sugar levels can cause significant mood changes, and new research suggests that frequent changes in blood-sugar levels (called glycemic variability) also can affect mood and quality of life for those with diabetes.

Depression has long been linked to diabetes, especially type 2. It's still not clear, however, whether depression somehow triggers diabetes or if having diabetes leads to being depressed.

My own belief about diabetes is that it is a modern disease triggered mostly by stress, the bad food and other toxins converging together to put the body into a negative state.

Some advice in terms of being a diabetic, try and block out the "you're going to die" messages they unload on the average diabetic.

Why do they think fear works in people getting healthy?

Some more advice too, the no carbs thing, well, it didn't work on me, I had the highest sugars on earth when I was on that gluten free diet and once had acouple weeks with barely any carbs. I also see my sugars zoom up when I don't eat enough which goes contrary to their advice. Experiment and see what YOUR BODY DOES IN RESPONSE to WHAT. Sleep too, sleep brings down my sugars.

I was told I am a rarity for being this weight and a "controlled diabetic", not sure whether to have been insulted. Doubt I'd be diabetic at all, if I didn't have the endocrine issues to start with as no one is in my family.

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