Thursday, May 3, 2012

Subway Fat Seats in a Foreign Country

I think it's great that they are thinking of the fat people there...

There are a few places doing an OK job in terms of fat people, newer medical facilities do put in couches and restaurants are doing better...but most public transportation in America? Forget it! I used a big public transportation system in a huge city, it was a nightmare.

Subway Fat Seats in Brazil

I am actually considering telling the local library, we need better chairs for fat people here, I went to another room, where they hold meetings and dragged one out because the other ones are narrow.

Get me a fat seat, and make the fat seats a bit higher if possible. I LIKE this idea. Ignore the low-thinking people who think "ha ha so, funny." I've been without a decent seat so often, I do not even care if the chair has a giant FAT PERSON HERE sign above....



  1. I just wanted to tell you I am a recovering anorexic and I found your blog on someone's site (I can't remember who.) Anyway, you are a brave and strong person and I hope things get better for you!!!

  2. Thanks Angela, I hope you are doing better. Thanks for your compliments. :)