Saturday, May 19, 2012

What if this was a LIE from the beginning?

But has anyone ever thought what if this FAT AND FOOD thing is lie? I mean after all people used to believe the world was the center of the universe and other scientific former "truths" have been blasted out of the water. I know I may be stretching some thinking here, but consider other scientific studies and the rest I have shown on this blog.

As for the the link at the bottom of the picture. I consider it a LIE, the website it links to is NOT fat friendly.

In the article the thin woman claims people weren't so fat years ago...

but then years ago, the food had higher level of nutrition and was not adulterated, we were not around nearly as many toxins, we got more sun light, life was more simple and less stressful, where else can I begin?


  1. Hello. I am a person, just like you, and not simply "thin thin woman." If you spend time reading my blog you'll see that I agree with many of the things you believe; in fact I am writing a lot about it in my book and on my blog. There's a lot wrong with the food and lifestyles of 2012. My goal is to offer a perspective from the 1950s when there were fewer obese/overweight American women.

    You and readers of all sizes are welcome to my blog. Many of my readers are obese (self-proclaimed.) True, my blog is for those who wish to lose weight or learn more about what has changed since the 1950s.

    I wish you well and thanks for your comment in my blog- I agree with what you wrote in it.

    1. (typo: I meant to type "the thin woman"...and not "thin thin woman.")

  2. I think many aspects of the 1950s were better and if I could get in a time machine I would. LOL [there were some things not so great--pre-civil rights etc, but the lifestyles were far BETTER]

    I guess for me, I do think there needs to be lightening up on the hyper-responsibility thing. I would take myself back to a more "old-fashioned" life style but have felt limitations in doing so. I feel like even the social angle of the "Bowling Alone" [referring the to book] modern lifestyle stinks. I liked what you had to say about some of those changes, and glad you agree with what I said has happened since the 1950s.

    1. If you find a time machine let me know! I keep looking for one but since I can't it's why I frequent estate sales and live in a "time capsule" house. :)

      Agreed, not all of the 1950s was great, but I've found that other than some really horrid recipes that so much of the lifestyles and "diet" would do us all a lot of good. And yes, that includes the absence of many of the toxins, frankenfoods and additives today.

      What makes me angry is that I am promoting eating unprocessed, unadulterated foods yet it's becoming increasingly difficult to find such a thing. Almost EVERYTHING is processed and modified such as GMOs, wax on fruit, etc. Organic is expensive and not in everyone's budget.

      Thanks for being open to a friendly dialog about this!

  3. LOL I'll tell you about the time machine. I get most of my household things from estate sales or thrift and probably would live in a time capsule house, if I could. I agree with you about the better lifestyle of the 1950s. I am having a hard time finding good food, and my efforts including even traveling to a large health food store to get the good stuff, though soon I'll have the veggie stands available. I eat organic as much as I can but of course finances preclude total ogranic diet. Thanks for talking things out with me too. :)

  4. Peep, don't think like that!. The calories in/out thing is a lie and doesn't work for most people these days w/ screwed up metabolisms (messed up for all the reasons you write about here and more). But food still affects weight through affecting hormones. It's no where near as simple as just eating less. These days you have to avoid all the GMOS, engineered foods, excessive sugars and artificial ingredients, chemicals in our food supply and everwhere while watching carbs to balance out hormones. It's a lot of work and there's no wonder people aren't getting it as they are constantly being told stuff like "just eat less (less fat and more "healthy whole grains" ) and exercise more". Then they do that and further throw off hormone balance in an already corrupt body. It was a lot simpler in the 50's for sure. The only variable then probably was too much indulgence and an ever increasing supply of carby/sugary foods so cutting back on food in general would work...not so today.
    On a side note I found this blog about a woman with severe PCOS and 525 lbs and how she lost most of the weight and has kept it off. Check it out!

  5. Yeah I agree, I think it is a total lie. I think malnutrition is causing some of the obesity along with the adulterated food. I know with myself, when there is less food in the house, I can "feel" the lack of nutrition and the feelings if I get a very healthy food. The processed food makes me feel so bad, it's not funny and this is low fat stuff, no MSG. Processed to mean more and more means pain and unwellness. I try to cook everything from scratch I can. The protein sources for someone like myself allergic to eggs and cheese are the hardest. I think when they tell fat people to go into starvation mode they are guaranteeing them getting fatter, because body drops metabolism even more to starvation. Thanks for that link, I will definitely check it out!