Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Fat Hater? Lionel Shriver

A friend of mine gives me old New York Times magazines, and I sit there reading them. This woman made me feel depressed, I guess that is the best way I can describe it. That's one thing about being fat, is you can just be innocently reading a long and then BAM, see one of these types and they are allowed to go on the attack with no holding back. One of the wannabe members of the fat police who find your very existence as one creating disgust. Finding out she wrote a book about a 400lb character I can just imagine what that is like, he probably is described as the fattest thing that ever existed on this planet. One question I have is HOW COME THEY NEVER LET SOMEONE WHO IS PRESENTLY FAT WRITE A BOOK ABOUT THE FAT EXPERIENCE? Ah so wonder I went to a library conference recently on self publishing.....

Instead we get this...

Lionel Shriver Does It the Hard Way

"I’m not surprised they were interested. Your regimen involves running 10 miles every other day, a ton of push-ups and a strict one-meal-a-day policy, of which you once wrote, “By dinner, I’m starving; more crucially, I’m deserving.” I can see how the fact that I eat one meal a day is eye-catching for a journalist, but you know, David Petraeus eats one meal a day, and nobody says that’s a really disturbed relationship to food. The assumption with David Petraeus is, Oh, that’s a military man. In women the assumption is you’re some kind of neurotic"

So wonder she mentions military men, she looks like a female drill-master. I ate one-two meals a day when very poor in my twenties and low on groceries, it just made me fatter! 10 miles every other day? Wow. The weird comment "by dinner I am starving and I'm deserving", rubs me the wrong way. Ever notice how some love to brag about their weight loss efforts and then act superior about it? I'm supposed to want to run to get her book about her fat brother?

Ah then there is this, people can control their weight supposedly.

More judgment from a very rigid and unhappy looking soul....

In 2009, you wrote a column that was dismissive of so-called fat-pride activists, saying that unlike race and sexual orientation, people can control their weight. Was there any backlash?
Maybe they just couldn’t find my e-mail address. I have every regard for how difficult, boring and relentless it is to lose weight. A lot of the hostility aimed at fat people is considered justified because they’re costing our health system all this extra money. But underneath it all is a visceral physical disgust, and I’m very sympathetic with overweight people’s frustrations at that.

As I have written on this blog, who would be fat if they could control their weight? [well unless you can run 10 miles and starve yourself daily, and develop an eating disorder.] The running is out for me, I walk too much and my leg decides it's going to turn red and get infected. She wants people to spend their lives in the difficult, boring and relentless. Is that the reason that she looks like she just ate a whole bag of lemons even though she is getting photographed to be in a national magazine?

Her book Big Brother is written as fiction but is supposed to be based on her own experience with a brother that struggled with severe obesity. I may read it and review it here. Scanning the reviews that discuss the "pathos" and "revulsion" of fat I can just imagine what it is like.

Here she says her real life brother ate himself to death.

Now I am the one who is disgusted.


  1. A female drill-master! Perfect! And, I'm sorry, but I think one meal a day for anyone with access to food is ridiculous.

    And, peep, I read your comment on Health Is Not an Obligation, and also being disabled, I understand what you mean about being conflicted. Oddly, though I have various mechanical things wrong with me -- very visible, most of them -- my internal organs are in good shape, except for my adrenals (working on that). I would give just about anything -- except my soul and my conscience -- for good health.

  2. LOL Thanks anon. It doesn't look like starvation is that fun if her sourpuss expression is telling us anything. One meal for most people fattens them up too. Thanks I am glad you saw my comment, yes life being disabled can be tough, I hope you can figure the adrenals out. I was even tested for adrenal tumors the hormones were so high in the past. I understand being willing to give up everything but one's soul and conscience for the health!