Monday, September 16, 2013

Life Off Spironolactone

Remember how I said I had to go off Spironolactone to go on a kidney drug. Hopefully this will be temporary. Since doing so, my body has changed in some very bad ways. Was I this greasy before? It is so gross, I am almost having to shower twice a day and have! My hair is dripping grease and my skin is so oily, I am having to constantly wash it. I can feel the surge of androgens again as they get higher and higher. I smell "off" and of course have been more bloated and HAIRY! My life with hunger pain is bad enough on normal days but off this drug, the hunger pain [which occurs at 4 hour intervals] is running at crazy levels. Years ago I put myself on an eating schedule, knowing I would be dead on any "free-eating" plan or a thousand pounds if I ate according to hunger pain or bodily need. I'm sticking to it, but I know no normal people are dealing with hunger pain of this level. I hope I can go back on this drug soon, this stuff is driving me nuts.

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