Sunday, September 29, 2013


I do like to cook on occasion and make stuff up. I made this the other day. I remember this old vegetarian recipe made with real cheese, curry and cut up eggs and real milk which I am all allergic to, so this is my own version.

Curry Cauliflower, made with Cauliflower, a cut up cubannelle pepper, cut up onion, curry powder--it's yellow from the tumeric, Earth balance vegan butter, a little vegan cheese--Veggie Shreds soy free, a little salt, pepper, garlic powder, whole wheat flour and almond milk. I threw a few sesame stick things on top.

Thin people are always surprised at how I eat. LOL There was this one lady in my old town who told everyone I was a horrible cook because I took the risk of serving her rice noodles with Japanese seaweed sprinkles, and veggie patties--they were either soy or sauteed garden burgers. I just bought food out when I used to take any to my old church, my food was too "exotic". LOL

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