Friday, September 20, 2013

PCOS: The Greasy Smelly Disease

Can PCOS make you smell?

I am praying that Urocrit melted my kidney stone and I can go back on Spironolactone, did I smell like this years ago? Was I ever this greasy and oily? It feels like the stuff of madness. I am having to shower twice a day on days I want to socially function. I want my Spironolactone back!!!

Years ago a lot of my abuse had to do with being told I smelled, I would shower everyday, change clothes, wear deodorant and the problem got worse and worse. During my weight gain before my PCOS was diagnosed at one job, abusive coworkers told me I smelled constantly to the point I wanted to file a lawsuit and I was showering and doing everything I could. At the time I blamed it on badly cleaned water in the area I lived in, because I moved to my new town and the problem seemed to disappear, but that was the time the country doctor diagnosed me with PCOS and started me on Spironolactone. Was I this bad?

This is enough to give me a nervous breakdown because the Aspergers, fatness and deafness is enough social barriers. I feel so gross I am horrified, water and soap doesn't seem to penetrate the grease, I smell FUNNY. My hair is covered in oil just hours after a shower. My ears are flaking in greasy yellow flakes. I look and smell like I haven't showered for days when I did twice.

My friends tell me they can re-wear clothes, I can't, it has to freshly laundered and even then sometimes I will wear two outfits in one day. My husband says I make way too much laundry and it is expensive when you live in an apartment building. I have followed the never rewear clothes rule always.

My testosterone must be going sky-high, I am getting ugly again, and growing a mustache. I stink, my pheromones are changing. This is so extreme.

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