Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Bus is No Fun For Other Fat People

Dear everyone: Believe me, I’m fully aware that my existence ruins your day

I pray I never end up having to depend on a bus again. I'm too sick now and standing to wait for one or walking the miles between bus stops would never work. Disabled vans used to abandon me for 5 hours at the local library. It was terrible.  They are always too crowded especially in big cities. Anyhow I related to this guy, you get angry stares just for daring to "fill up too much space" being large or fat. I wrote about my fat experiences on the bus here:  "

The Bus is No Fun"

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  1. You are absolutely fantastic! It is a nightmare for overweight people, the lack of empathy can be astounding! Forgetting specific health issues (like your 'perfect storm' of various health problems) just dealing with addiction and a culture that invests millions of dollars in advertisements to tempt you, along with emotional eating etc can be a freaking Mount Kilimanjaro to change YOUR ENTIRE LIFE and what you've known since childhood. Most people really don't know or understand, its so easy to say 'just change'. I know you've probably heard everything by now, but I wanted to put the idea of 'raw food' out there. Not necessarily for weight loss, but its been proven that having lots of raw fruits and veggies helps heal some major diseases that our 'sick care' system treats with random drugs etc or believes are even incurable. It's not 'just salads' and can be amazingly delicious. I've been doing it off and on for a few years, and there are major benefits to it, i definitely feel the difference. Granted there are always going to be critics to every life style, but I do firmly believe that eating 80% raw foods are insanely healing and it flushes toxins from your system.