Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More Hunger Pain!

One thing about me people would never imagine:

I have hunger pains constantly. No, I am not talking "emotional eating" or "I am bored and this TV show would go great with a bag of chips", but actual stomach growling,head pain etc. I've talked about this issue before. Right now I am hungry. It's growling and I am thinking "Leave me alone", I have to play games like delaying the eating of breakfast if I wake up too early--I woke up at 6:00 am this morning, because if I eat now, I'll be hungry by 10 a.m. and that will add on too many calories for the day. Do thin people even have to worry about this stuff? Somehow I doubt it. By the way one thing about IBS, hunger pain can trigger off an attack if you ignore it for enough hours. It can actually turn into dry heaves nausea. 

I can't follow body cues on eating, if I did, I'd be a thousand pounds. One thing I did do, and this was to balance my sugars which dropped kicked years worth of panic attacks was go on a "timed eating schedule". I do eat three meals a day and one snack usually and that is probably still too much but I do what I can, just living life, it is not uncommon for me to go two hours feeling hunger pain, knowing that if I "eat too early", it will mess things up. During last month, we got food insecure, I was having to cut down the food and scrounging, this stuff happens all the time, it seemed the hunger pain was insistent and constant. This is just something I have noticed. I said to my husband "I can't believe this, it never seems to let up!"

I have another "calories" brainwashed commenter knocking around on the blog. Why do people imagine that dieting works for everyone? If I have hunger pain this bad just staying on my "informal" eating plan even to KEEP FROM GAINING WEIGHT, oh people can't imagine. I have felt like cursing my own body out for demanding food it does not need. On diets, life can get very interesting for me.

“Well , I’m sorry to shatter your dream but it is impossible , biologically to stay on a weight loss diet .  Unless you go totally crazy like the women with anorexia nervosa because they get so cut off from bodily sensations that they do not eat at all, or eat very little.... But if you manage to stay sane at all, you will feel the furious message from your body to please nourish it.  It will pull out all the tricks it can to get you to take in some energy.  It will make you think of nothing but food.”  Shadow on A Tightrope Kelly

I do know severe insulin resistance makes hunger worse. I am trying to train myself to accept hunger more, and yes this means hunger pain. I do things like trying to figure out how long I can go. Diabetes seems to be a cruel task master. As I write this, I am hungry, the whole I could eat a horse type of hunger, pushing things to as near as 8:00 am as I can, knowing that I don't want to feel hungry again until its lunch time. 


  1. Apart from the symptoms of metabolic syndrome that I developed, I have been a generally healthy person. But cravings come into my mind that I do not want! They will nag at me and distract me away from what I want to focus on. I'm much better at dealing with them now but it has taken a lot of work. If I gave into those cravings every time, yeah I'd be huge!!

  2. With metabolic syndrome answer me this question.

    I believe there are some that can be caused via the bad food, lifestyles etc,

    but there are some BORN with the insulin resistance.

    I had the brown spots even when I was 12 years old and was still 'relatively normal size. Size 12 and 5-9 or so in hiehgt.

    Cravings or hunger? It makes a difference.

    Why do people have so many cravings now? I think they are doing something to the food to create that as well, with chemicals added in.

  3. I delay meals, time them purposefully to avoid hunger pain. I did eat the breakfast, at around 7:30. I haven't eaten lunch yet which is good, and will probably go eat soon here. The latest I can push that, the snack is easier to keep lower in calories. I have to constantly think of this stuff all the time. I've been hungry now since noon. I had friend on phone and wanted to put up another post on here.

    Cravings, I wanted to explore the idea of how they push food in people's faces, and I wonder how TV itself has affected insulin, and hunger rates. I wonder if anyone has studied that. I wondered if even SEEING food alters hormonal and other rates. What do you think?

  4. I am not sure what the question was in your first post. I was too fat for too long and my body couldn't handle it anymore. That's what happens. I lost the weight, everything cleared up completely. Obvious cause and effect.

    Of course seeing food is a trigger, humans are wired that way.

  5. I plan to go check your blog. I get so so behind on things, especially lately, I've been squished under these taxes and when it warms up and I can leave three months of houseboundness behind, I am out a bit more. I agree about food being a trigger. Ok what kept people in old days from fattening up they still had to have food they enjoyed. Obesity was rare.

  6. It was rare even in times of no famines, etc, thinking of the 50s here.