Saturday, April 27, 2013

I dyed my leg yellow!

Does anyone know if tumeric will come off?

Yeah that is my big water logged, swollen up leg, my other is only half it's size, the one prone to infection. Sigh. Not sure if the picture shows as much as the yellow as I'd like.

I got desperate from a pending leg infection, and wanted to fight it off. Doctors are worried because I am becoming allergic to too many antibiotics and well, I just had a leg infection in December.

So I made a boiled tumeric poultice, cooled it and put it on my leg and I only left it on 10 minutes. It seemed to lessen the severity and pain of the infection but I went on antibiotics anyway, because the leg infection didn't let up. Doctors allow me to have emergency antibiotic prescriptions because otherwise I'd be in the ER endless times.

But now I have a YELLOW LEG!

I read a lot on alternative remedies and use a lot that works but this one got me in trouble! I didn't expect it to stain so long, and now I wonder if my leg will be permanently YELLOW. :(

I wear long dresses so I can hide it but it freaks me out looking at it, and need to gauge the pinkness of the skin or not to see how the leg infection is doing. Well the yellow did come off my hands. I cook with tumeric, so knew it could stain but not this bad.

These folks say it will take about a week. I do shower everyday....

These leg infections scare me. I was more active, taking walks--[to lose weight] and because after months of being housebound I could go outside. I'm still going to poetry club today but will have to curtail some other activities. I don't know what I am going to do with this body!


  1. My leg is getting better. I wonder if the tumeric actually made it less severe. Seriously...:/ The dye wore off!

  2. I have a leg just like yours. I have had it for some years now and it is getting worse. Do you have lymphodema? I do and it is in my arm and breast as well. I get red, sore legs at times and if they are very bad I go on antibiotics.

  3. Sorry you have a leg like this too Jan. Mine seemed like it was getting better, last year, I even went an entire year without an infection which was a FIRST trust me, because I used to end up hospitalized around 10 years ago, with 6-7 infections a year. I've averaged about once every 5-6 months and have noticed a correlation with stress or over-activity triggering the leg infections of today. Lympehdema based. Did you have cancer surgery? This leg is twice the size of the other and I have lymphedema in my stomach. I have a LOT of water on my body too. I will pray for you too. It is scary stuff. :( I have been very ill from cellulitis. This is a mild one but I have had the hospital level ones that used to put me in for 2 weeks and 105.5 temperatures. I hope yours is more mild. I wonder how much of my "weight" is waterlogging. I estimate upwards of 100-150lbs of it. Seriously. You know life is scary when you can see yourself expand and contract 5 inches or even more dependent on how much time you spent in bed. I wish I could find a lymphedema specialist. I am in the midst of trying to find another endocrinologist, but with other medical things--kidney doctor, ongoing regular care, dental care, I'm just about keeping up. I will pray for you Jan, I know this is so tough.

  4. Thanks for replying. I haven't had cancer. Up until 2008 I was working but I was getting bigger and could no longer cope. I struggle to survive as my health is poor. I don't receive any, bar basic medical help. I am virtually stuck at home. I do leave when I attend check ups in the city, some 7 hours drive from here. It is a major avent. I can't walk far and have had a wheelchair for the past two years. My limbs continue to worsen, and I fear for my future. In January 2012 I was critically ill and had to be revived 3 times, spent a month in hospital. I won't go on anymore, probably said more than I needed too. I like reading your blog.
    Take care.

  5. I am glad you don't have cancer. It looks like you have been through the medical mill, that is so scary. I have been in the hospital multiple times, no cardiac revivals but have gone into arhymias before from breathing problems etc. Two week hospital stays--one year had several, Intensive care. One can get PTSD from severe traumatic health problems so please take care of yourself on that score too. I am sorry you are stuck at home, I hope you do have people to visit you, and that is a long way to go for check-ups, do you live in a very remote area? I am housebound a lot of the year too, it makes for a strange life. I hope you can get more regular medical care. Yes lymphedema is a nightmare. I am just coming out of the leg infection, so exhausted lots of time in bed. The weather is good so I went out for 1-2 hours before the heat housebound door slams shut, but I understand the fear, most definitely. You do feel like what can I do? As you watch your own body fall apart. So sorry you went through such a hard time, I hope you are feeling better now and I will pray for you. Thanks for saying you like reading this blog. I know one thing about my blog there is nothing else like it. :p