Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coming to a Workplace Near You Fines For Being Fat?

Coming to a workplace near you: Fines for being fat?

This is horrible. Talk about hatred and discrimination against a group of people! Those who are super-sized if they are still functional are barely able to get jobs in the first place and the moderate sized fat also deal with a lot of discrimination. See my article:

Squeezed Out of the Job Market For Your Body

There have been studies already that say fat people are poorer, and they lose salary and wages for every 10 pounds extra they hold. It is a known fact that poor equals fat in America: see these articles.  So they want to make fat people even poorer and thus less able to afford better groceries and activities?

There is a degree of class warfare being instituted on ordinary people via the elites. Global economic collapse? -They can centralize more banks as they clean out the till! By the way, I noticed a pattern with every country we have gone to war with, they lack a central banking system connected into the "international system". There is no one group to blame for this but good old fashion human greed and evil. Yeah I know I'm a fat woman, that sits around reading Zero Hedge and alternative socio-political websites  but I am paying attention to what is going on! Some here may be upset about this blog having a "conspiracy" edge to it, but I am one of the sheep that woke up, no longer drooling in front of the TV set!  Fatten up the lower classes with adulterated and bad food?- more profit from fake food, population control for the shorter life spans, and now a visible class marker between the "prole" and the wealthy that gives the elite more control.  George Orwell couldn't have imagined what awaited us in the 21st century. Remember when I wrote this article? "It's THE FAT CAMP for You, COMRADE!"

I guess I could change the title to IT'S FAT FINES FOR YOU COMRADE! [at least for now in these early stages]

And the worse of all this, they think people CHOOSE TO BE FAT! It is based on that premise after all! You have chosen your fate! Give me a break. I hope some fat people are smart enough to start filing a few law suits. If I had a job still and they were planning to fine me for fatness, I'd file suit the next day even pro-se and without a lawyer. I once fought off a junk-debt buyer in court successfully. Dozens of pages of legal documents, paralegal school turned out to be some use. Somehow I bet Obamacare has something to do with all this. Hmmm looks like it does. 

Our society really is going down the chute in so many different ways!


  1. Zero Hedge is its own brand of sheepy. I do read it from time to time, but while I appreciate the alternative perspective it offers I'm glad to keep enough distance to notice the froth-at-mouth crazy that manifests in its comment threads. The most sheepy thing about 0H is, it never changes. No matter what's happening out there, they're still spouting the exact same message of froth and doom conspiracy day in day out.

    For real-world-based economics I stick with Calculated Risk - it's dry, but reading it is like taking the pulse of the real economy, for me; in particular, reading the backlogs of Doris Dungey's writing last year gave me a lot more insight into the mechanisms of the crash than I had previously.

  2. Some of the comments get crazy on Zero Hedge, those who seem glad to watch society implode need a reality check. I tend to be more doom and gloom regarding the economy, it's just knowing that globalism is taking us down to the lowest common denominator and combining that with other trends in our society--the loss of freedoms and the growing police state that are of concern. I do think there are things happening but some of those commenters seem "too eager" for the Mad Max Thunderdome to begin today! Hey thanks for the links I will check them out.