Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fat Hating Advertising: It seems to be getting worse!

One thing I am noticing is fat hating advertising seems to be getting worse. Tell me what you think.  
This advertisement was created by Brandon Knowlden for Northern Bariatric Surgery Institutes in Pennsylvania. The poster says “Obesity is suicide. But it doesn't have to end this way. Find out how bariatric surgery can help. The Northern Bariatric Surgery Institute.”. The advertisement employed an emotional approach which caused a fearful emotion about obesity in consumers by directly linking obesity and death.
Is the message eat some sausages and you deserve to die? Like thin people never eat any?

I thought that this one can't be real so I went to go see if it was, and it is from what I can tell...Sigh.
It's from Europe.  I have this running theory about fat women always being shown naked or in states of undress to demean them. Well here you go! That one is so offensive it is sick.

Moral degenerates that sell adultery and immorality aren't exactly going to be "fat friendly" either.


I never liked Peta.

Wow, thanks um...I think...

This one is biased, I am surprised they show her going up stairs and not lying on the couch.


  1. The Brandon Knowlden images are about 8 or 9 years old. They were a commissioned project for a bariatric center as you can see from the ad copy. At the time, I corresponded with Brandon about the images. I thought they were very intriguing. I think we'd consider them very differently if all the foods used in the images were processed foods/fast foods that we know are engineered to be addictive.

    I have felt like food was my adversary and I had to fight it off or it could kill me.

  2. I didn't realize they were that old. I am curious what do you think of my theory about food being lower in nutrients, and this creating more obesity as people's bodies seek out nutrients. I am on the fence about deeming food as the "enemy". I know how I feel when I am low on nutrients. As you can tell via this blog, I am a semi-slow food advocate and anti-GMO person. My position in a very low income bracket has put restrictions on the decent food I can obtain, but when I do obtain it, it is night and day even about how it makes you FEEL. I wonder why they didn't use fast foods. Some sausages may be worse then others. Cheap oily ones bad news, but eating some protein in one, isn't bad if you keep the portions reasonable or even use sausage to FLAVOR something. Many people are in that mode of food being their adversary. I'm going to put this out, I believe CRAP FOOD AND THE TOXIC LIFESTYLES are our adversaries. I want things that taste decent and are decent and will bring NUTRITION into the body that is of value.

  3. No I'd say you have partly a point. Long before processed food filled our grocery stores there have always been naturally thinner people and naturally larger people. We readily accept the thin people and do not make value judgments about them. But our culture must accept that every Bell Curve has two sides. We can't assume that some people are bean poles all their lives without also accepting that some of us are larger by our nature.

    Shifts in the American food paradigm coincided with when the CDC began to identify a shift in the national weight average. When those of us who have a more difficult time managing our weight and our eating are exposed to a more obesogenic environment, it's a perfect storm. To blame food only fails to acknowledge the variables of our bodies and the range that humans manifest.

  4. No, I don't think we're "seeking nutrients." Engineered foods are created to hit the brain's "bliss point" and generally trick the brain. Hyper-palatability is about mouth feel and how the absence of aftertaste will quicken the pace of eating, keeping the brain from signaling the stomach that you're full. Smell, and therefore our sense of taste, is the most highly mnemonic sense. When we eat something that we really REALLY enjoy (that bliss point) we want to eat it again and again.

    I wrote a blog post about GMOs just the other day. And if I don't respond to other posts it's because I'm losing track of where all I've been.

  5. Don't the engineered foods, all want to hit that bliss point without having the nutrients. Agree about the hyper-palatability but then many people are eating food that is absolutely tasteless like fast food. Am I strange for even saying it is tasteless and tasted like sawdust to me when I used to eat it? They do seem to add sugar and fat to heighten the addictive qualities of food. I'll check out your post on GMOs, I am very against GMOS and the evils of a certain company that is pushing them planet wide.

  6. Yes, fast food is not tasteless. It's engineered to be addictive by taste but it accomplishes that in an artificial way. If you're used to whole foods, you won't like fast food but if a person eats mostly or all processed foods, that's what they'll crave.

    I used to be a commodities broker specializing in grains. I view GMOs objectively. You don't seem to visit my blog though. I'm here on yours all the time but I've only seen you in my stats once or twice. I've commented so many times I can't find all my comments anymore.