Thursday, April 18, 2013

Taking Walks

I used to love taking walks even as I moved into my weight gain until I got too fat too walk and I remember how it felt to get too fat to walk and the shortness of breathe. Walks of 2-3 miles actually for me WERE fun and if someone was to ask "What did you miss the most when you became super-obese?" Taking a walk through the woods or even city streets would be at the top of the list. Even as I was courting my husband around 1994, we would walk the streets of a small beach town and go on and on. Of course walking like this as I passed the 350-400 mark, was over with and my health problems got worse.

I miss walking through woods and nature and being alone and the peace of it all. This is one thing I did as a kid which would probably horrify modern-day parents since I did it alone, but these walks were continued into my mid 20s, and I used to love to walk and amble down city streets, ambling down the streets of one medium sized city to check out bookstores, magazine stores, art center and more. In 2008, I could barely walk to the front door of my apt building though I was still able to get to the car which thankfully on housebound days meant being able to go places.  Today I can walk about the distance of 1/4th of a city block with a walker, but not much further. I try to take a walk daily which I know is not a "walk" to a normal person but better then nothing. When I was at the peak weight, walking was very severely affected and I was very closed to having it end. Most very fat people do miss their mobility, very much so. The thing that worries me is sometimes as I exercise a lot or walk a lot or have a series of "busy" non-housebound days. I did everything from a presentation at my self help group, stamp club along with some outside "walking" and taxes in the last few days is I start to bloat up from the heart stuff. It's a hard balance. You want to "do" more and the body says NO, you need to lay down and get this water off.

I do miss walking. Sometimes I have hoped to get down to a weight where it would be possible again. Maybe at 300? I am not sure. If I could have that back, it would be great.


  1. I can identify with what you are going through. Due to some fractures that I had from my past that I did not know I had, I am have some difficulties at 320 lbs. This can be fixed by letting doctors open me up, refracture my bones, set them, sew up my body and then cover everything with a cast. Kinda scares me.

    Right now I plan to keep exercising (walking) as much as possible.


  2. Thanks William. I am sorry you had fractures. Do you have osteoporosis adding to that problem. I can understand wanting to avoid having bones refractured, that sounds very painful and risky. I hope you can keep walking as much as you can. I am trying to hold on to what mobility I can but it's tough. I do miss the walking though, it would be nice to be able to go like I used to in the old days leisurely strolls even no balance problems. I can go further with the walker but have this 20 minute window on leg numbness if I stand too long.