Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pray For Boston!

It's very sad. One wonders about what kind of world we are in. Can you imagine there you are in great health enjoying running and your life is forever altered? I'm praying for the victims and those who faced these terrible things.  I just hope this isn't used to take more freedoms away in some fashion. After the
horrible Sandy Hook incident they all went after gun ownership as if the criminal or criminally insane pay attention to any laws. There are some questioning the official story already.  I don't know. It seems there are so many bad things happening out there. How did they hide the bombs?  Did they ever say who is behind it? I thought they had canine dogs sniff for bombs at events like this already. There's too many tragedies and violence adding up. America just isn't the same place it used to be anymore. Sigh.

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