Thursday, April 18, 2013

Revealed: What Really Makes People Obese?

Revealed: What really makes people obese?

Interesting point, I agree. I think the composition of the diet is promoting fat accumulation even via lack of nutritional content.
"Nor do they shed light on the more fundamental question of whether people or populations get fat "because they're eating more, or eat more because the macronutrient composition of their diets is promoting fat accumulation … in effect, driving an increase in appetite. 
Taubes also points to "substandard" research that is "incapable of answering the question of what causes obesity. As a result, he has co-founded the Nutrition Science Initiative, a not-for-profit organisation to "fund and facilitate rigorously well controlled experimental trials, carried out by independent, sceptical researchers." Our hope, he said, is that these experiments will answer definitively the question of what causes obesity, and help us finally make meaningful progress against it."

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