Thursday, April 18, 2013

America, The Fat

America didn't just wake up one day and say "let's all get lazy and fat!" As I have written many times on this blog, there are other factors besides those who want to lay it all only on the "personal responsibility" focus. I believe we are being fattened up by design and for profit. Cheap food lacking everything but the calories and fats and sugar also is helping. If you get time, look at some old retro pictures, notice how people in general were far thinner, and even shaped different. One thing I have noticed is central obesity seems to be worse problem--that probably is due to the stress-cortisol factors. I don't know why size acceptance people deny there is an obesity epidemic. My memories of the old days, was of people being far smaller.


  1. I've completely lost track of past comments even if I try going through my browser history so I'll just post here.

    You list Dr. Sharma first in your blog roll so I'm sure you read him regularly! An article this week about bariatric surgery risk includes a link to Dr. Sharma's multi-part discussion of why he supports bariatric surgery. I hope you'll read it. The actual statistics should relieve your concerns that people are putting themselves at unreasonable risk for the surgery.

    The first article:

  2. If he has I am very disappointed. Another one that doesn't question the system. He is wise about some things but even then I do not agree with him on others. I may go post a comment on there. I still do plan to check your blog out. Remember I am having to fight the pressure sores and time to even be online, sometimes it's a pain, I want to do more but those win.


    Here is what I wrote him. Hope he posts it...

    Let me be frank, I know several people PERSONALLY who died from WLS, from complications and whose health immediately took a nose dive from this surgery. WLS is basically torture for the fat, let us chop your stomach up, so you will lose weight. They know they can't lock the fat person in a room so they instead "lock" up and mutilate the stomach for good. Instead what is done to the fat person is they are made "ill" digestively and otherwise so of course some weight will come off. Of course this surgery can't even guarantee the weight will stay off and their disclaimers that you must continue to "diet and exercise" are nonsense, when one considers that did not work before. The people that regain and who move into ill health, often ARE shamed and blamed by the medical professionals or drop out of sight due to their unwellness. Even the fact this surgery focuses on the stomach as be end and end all ignores issues of metabolism and brain satiety and more. They push this stuff even on the endocrine cases. I as a woman with a history of severe digestive problems-nutritional deficients NOW without surgery, and endocrine problem has had this surgery shoved down her throat. Odd when they told me other surgeries would be impossible.

    "4) I do not for once believe that bariatric surgery addresses any of the ‘root causes’ of severe obesity and I am sure that none of my surgical colleagues believe it does. As I often tell my patients, “the surgery is on your gut and not your head”."

    I am glad you believe this but do you realize all the research is being poured into this torturous surgery!? They can't do better then THIS?

    I actually went to go look for any studies of the severely obese that were comprehensive and could not find any. I am serious. Isn't this a bit of an oversight that people in the severe weight categories aren't being studied?

    See this post....

    " that patients have to make substantial lifestyle changes in order to be ‘successful’ (we measure ‘success’ in improvement in comorbidities and quality of life – not in pounds lost!)."

    If that didn't work before, why after the surgery?

    You mention cancer and people signing up for radiation, chemotherapy etc. If one was to use cancer as an example, cancer death rates have been going up. The war on cancer has failed same as the war on obesity. Could it be possible that there too the scientists have locked themselves in a certain box that no one is thinking outside of? There are many people who question the cancer health care system and I am one of them.

    Severe obesity is hard, you are right about that... My entire blog is a story about the pain and suffering of extreme obesity.

    but what is the response of the medical community but MORE SUFFERING?

    Haven't fat people been abused, hurt, shamed enough and gone through enough physical and emotional suffering.

    It's like Satan himself sat around a table with those who wanted to make money and thought what procedure would be the most dangerous, the most painful and bring the most suffering to the severely obese.



  3. If you think I am being overdramatic here, 10s of thousands of clinics and help for drug addicts says one thing while the fat either have to hand out the cash, or sign up for this surgery with few other options unless they are nursing home material and total bed bound and at that point most are probably going to die.

    I actually told someone, "I have suffered enough in this life, I will not have weight loss surgery, because I cannot take anymore pain". Some people can judge me for that, but I not care. All I got to say is the surgery even scientifically is nonsense. The people still regain. The stomach is not the center of hunger and metabolism. With many individuals the metabolism drops in response to the period of starvation so when food is reintroduced the weight loss stops and many regain with time.

    Death on the table, is not the only way people die or suffer from weight loss surgery. Some make it through the dangerous times and the time on the respirator and then out only to get sicker and sicker.

    This is the best they can do for fat people?

    I think locking someone in a room for 6 months and just handing water through the door would be less risk.

    I have to admit I am disappointed by this, I think the focus on weight loss surgery has narrowed down the obesity field, it is narrow science make even more narrower. No real obesity help, answers or cures will come from this surgery.

  4. Dagny here is an easy way to find your old commments...

  5. The article I posted from Dr. Sharma is from a few years ago. He's ALWAYS supported bariatric surgery. I'm not sure how you could not know that. And you think he "doesn't question the system"???

    You deal with complex medical issues and I'm sorry anyone has to face that but I think your situation has created a personal bias that is too far out of line for me. I cannot relate to your perspective. Good luck.

  6. Why do people get upset when I ask is this the best they can do when it comes to weight loss surgery? Hey everyone has their biases. I was disappointed by his stance on weight loss surgery, nothing more nothing less, I do get the feeling there is probably a lot of pressure on medical professionals to support their colleagues in their endeavors. Hey you are right, I am not in line with the mainstream beliefs or treatment regarding obesity. Someone telling me that does not upset me.