Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fat Shaming Facebook Page

530 Fatties Fat Page Taken Down

Fat Shaming Facebook Page

I had my picture stolen on Facebook before and used on a page where they mocked me for being fat. Old age helps some of the fat shaming ebb down because no one expects the grey-haired and walker set to be "sexy" except for the narcissistic Baby-Boomers who seem to write too much of our advertising.  The people didn't like a political stance I took so this was their "revenge". If you take the picture down from Facebook, it erases the post, so that is a hint for the people this happens to. Fat hatred is probably growing worse, especially as society divides between thinner "haves" and fatter "have-nots". Of course thin people who have bodies that burn off food, going after fat people for not looking the way they want them to have some serious problems.

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  1. Your blog has profoundly changed how I see fat people, especially superfats. I saw a superfat man on a motor scooter on my way to work today and was thinking about this blog... Before, I had pity for superfats, with a nasty side order of 'well at least I can feel like I'm better than them'. That you've shared so much of your inner life here has really helped my attitude and made me realise that any one of the superfat people I see probably has as much of interest to say as you do, and is as intelligent and nuanced. Thank you.