Monday, July 7, 2014

The Hypocrisy of Some Fat Activists

This lady shares some of my opinions about parts of the fat acceptance community. She says they are very militant which I agree with. She is right about their intolerance of those who waver in the fat acceptance ideology. Of course this is written about on this blog all over. I encountered some of the harshness for having alternative viewpoints. I am glad she is truthful about those of us who do not like being fat or where fat is the result of health problem and those exploring their options. With weight loss surgery, I don't like it either but understand why some decide to make that choice. Fat is painful. Too many in size acceptance push delusion. She is right about the hypocrisy and about the fact some of the strident fat activists want to censor people so much.

Seeing Through The Obesity Lies


  1. Interesting. Hmm, sounds like some very intimidated folks on the "radical side" who are attempting to claim The High Moral Ground. In my experience what underlies that type of response is FEAR. Personal fear.
    Instead of owning their fear of, for example, the *potential* (not reality, just potential) for the more non-radical supporters to potentially water down the message (at least, that's what I picked up here) they are now essentially stating YOU are somehow VICTIMIZING THEM by having a different or more moderate POV. They are twisting your POV to serve their fear and promote their Agenda.
    And then it's a Retreat to the comfort of Professional Victimhood status, wherein you, Peep, despite your unwavering support for the Movement, are the "Bully/Victimizer" and they get to oh-so-adroitly adorn themselves as The "Victims," The Bastion of Moral Imperatives/Sanctity for a group of other ADULTS. Sounds to me as if they are fearfully and frantically attempting to muzzle *any* POV except their OWN. It requires exactly ZERO introspection on their part and immediately assumes you're a "Bully/Victimizer" simply for having a different POV.
    Slick, ain't it?! ;)

    Where have we seen that move before?!
    Because I've seen this in a variety of other settings and movements, it eventually leads to factionalizing/fracturing of the group which inherently results in a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: The watering-down of the message because personal fears and egos trumped Common Ground and the willingness to respect the rights and lived experiences of others. Radicals and fear-based people destroy that which they most claim to support by refusing to engage in some honest personal introspection-because it's so much easier to blame and marginalize others than self-reflect.
    You held your ground, Peep: Kudos!
    I'm on the other end of the "scale" so to speak due to medical problems that went undxd. for years. (The young woman, Lizzy Valesquez gives me hope-I love her spirit and her sense of humor!) I also have been blamed, shamed, marginalized etc. by society, the medical community-the very people who "should have" been helping me: It's not like I didn't actively try to get assistance-I did! Repeatedly.
    Not fun.
    It wasn't until I had my first stroke in my early 40's someone(s) started BELIEVING ME.
    AAgh-we'll just continue to live and re-learn "The Lesson" over and over again: (My Personal Rule of Life #1:) Life is unfair. Or if it's fair, it's fair in a way my human mind doesn't grasp, but that's OK even if it doesn't change a thing, it just allows me to be more realistic. ;)
    And grateful for still being here at all.

  2. When I first started this blog and questioned size acceptance ideology, I was BANNED from many places for not being politically correct and/or going with the Marilyn Wann, NAAFA ideology. I think there is fear, I also think the corporations and other powers that be have bought the selling out. They don't want anyone telling the real truth about what is being done to our food, or the fact our society is sick, or the other toxins and influences. Radical fat activists who play the "so happy to be fat" game, actually benefit the powers that be and false diet industrial complex. It helps divert things anymore and keep regular fat people down from having their truth told. Think about me sicker then crap sitting at NAAFA meetings being told I am "overly concerned" about my "health" while in the 600s and being told to be happy and fat. It was insane. Sure they play victims to the hilt, and anyone with any point of view is not welcome. Victims don't make demands after all. They smile like good serfs. They don't question or challenge. There are some groups that are far less radical and crazy and sane, but the main players, totally out to lunch. Want to SHUT YOU UP and fast. Don't dare talk about the health problems of obesity or question why obesity is being imported to the third world, via whatever substances they are putting in the food. It is sick. Hey in some ways fat acceptance as far as the mainstream goes has been relegated as "fringe" movement. Perhaps this was the intention all along. The lack of introspection got to me. The dominance of fat admirers, loose sexual morals and other amoral qualities got to me in some circles as well as an insistence on extreme political stands to the left. I talk about these things in some of the older articles. Even there some of the "see me" types who got all the attention, kept repeating the same mantras from the 90s on.

  3. Yes I've held my ground. I do think more are coming to my way of thinking and realizing that there needs to be more of a thoughtful approach when dealing with obesity even while we stand against the abuses and discrimination.

    Sorry about your health problems. I will pray for you. Sadly I have seen and heard about people with other health problems unrelated to obesity, shamed and marginalized. I am glad we both are here and have made it this long. It's true life is not fair, even the Bible says it rains on the just and injust. Thanks for your posts TW :)