Monday, July 21, 2014

The Brick Wall Technique

Yes this one summed things up for me. My narcissistic mother would write or screech, "You're so angry!", as if my feelings arose out of a vacuum even the flying monkeys would say, "We are so sorry you feel that way!" putting the onus on me for daring be sad or upset. This is why nothing will be is solved or worked out with narcissists, they have no remorse and they do not care how they affect other's feelings. Their mode is to discount, ignore and invalidate your feelings. They will play the game of telling you that you are "crazy" to feel the way that you do, since they are so assured of their own perfection it's beyond disgusting. There is relief for me in seeing through this game. I realize what was done to me and that is empowering. People who discount your feelings reject who you are and should be avoided.

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