Friday, November 13, 2015

9 Signs of A Secret Narcissist

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  1. OH, CRAP. I HOPE I'M NOT ONE!! i am pretty sure i have empathy; i don't always know what to do, to help.but its not all about me,i know that. plenty other people have it bad,not just me. our dad was a huge narciissist, its true, he was always that"man who owns the castle,"so the whole world rotated around him.i am pretty sure my sister's partner was one cause they were such a dominating personality.but that's who my sister wanted. She wanted a really HUGE PERSONALITY. I think sometimes we choose them,cause they seem to be big & strong when we're not.If you grow up with a narcissist parent, the rest of your life, you often look for them.At least unconsciously. People who try to get the same kind of parent, for a mate, often try to FIX THEM,as they never could before. of course,that does not work; they just keep trying to "fix that parent" over and over,failing. It's a trick your subconcious does, trying to "fix the situation", the original, in the new partner. so you may have narcissists around you, again, without your realizing it.