Friday, November 13, 2015

How to Make Cabbage Rolls

I'm making cabbage rolls for dinner. I'm out of onions but hope they will still turn out. In my cabbage rolls, I use ground turkey and some cinnamon and crushed tomatoes on the outside. A friend bought me a big broasting pan that has improved my cooking life. No more buying those flimsy metal containers for the Thanksgiving turkey. I bake mine in the oven too for two hours.


  1. I was right into that, except for the cinnamon. I always thought cinnamon was for french toast and apple pies. Of course, I guess something else can be done with it. I love cabbage rolls, I think I'll make some soon too.

    1. It adds a certain taste to them that I like. I also put in italian seasoning, onion and garlic when I have those. This batch had Adobo seasoning. I hope your cabbage rolls turn out. We got to have them two days in a row, they are work but I think even tastier on the second night like soup.

    2. One time I used half barley, I was short of rice. That was actually superior cabbage rolls. I just use garlic, onion, salt and pepper. And tomatoes. I love them on the second day too. Next time I'm in town, I'm going to get a cabbage.

    3. hmm barley sounds interesting too. That sounds good. I used canned tomatoes sometimes. I think I am going to make more. When I eat them sugars are pretty good, and it improves my digestion. I'm going to get some cabbages too today when out. It is good thing I can cook, some weeks Im feeding us on 60 bucks a week--Aldis food. I am considering doing a zine of cheap cooking.