Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Hungry, Alone and Homeless

Ah this one really spoke to me.  I hate those "get out of poverty" clubs. The local Catholic church has one, and I bet they will condemn the people in it and tell them that if they worked hard enough they'd rise up. They will be told they are not thinking "positive" enough. Most people need practical help not lectures.

Many of the poor are some of the hardest working people I know. In fact if this county held a working hard contest, I'd pick this fellow that works 70 hours a week at two low wage jobs. That guy loves his girlfriend and you can tell would do anything for her. They don't have a car either and he has to walk or bus his way to work. For all the talk of the "lazy" on Fox news in the inner cities, I saw some of the hardest working people on planet when I lived in some of most poor neighborhoods.

There's too many who look down from the ivory tower, throw down a few crumbs and then judge people for being hungry, alone or cold. Too many of the churches have grown more guilty of this because they they have become middle class and above clubs that teach the ethos of Ayn Rand and the Tea Party on behalf of the bankers more then what the Bible preaches about the poor. There are some that do help and seem to have a real spirit of giving without any meanness.

The bible warns about self righteousness for a reason. If one wants to help people, you can't consider them the "other" or "less human" then you, then you are doing them more harm. I've had people mock me for talking about homelessness or people in the streets. It is getting cold and hard out there. I've met too many people severely hurt while suffering in poverty or illness or homelessness, because they were looked down on. The help was given with resentment or from a position of superiority.

Poor people aren't choosing for the economy to collapse or the "good jobs" to be taken away. Some don't want to admit what is going on.  There is a hidden collapse to America that is going to become less and less hidden as time goes by. I just realized we escaped poverty leaving Chicago years ago and we were able to climb out. When we fell back in, the lack of mercy spoke for itself. What of people who face even worse? What of people who are totally alone in this world?

When I see people suffering worse then me, my first thought is not "What did they do to deserve it?" but "What can I do, or I wish I could do something for them?". Sadly too many think the former thought. I think others who have suffered have the most compassion. They have had it for me.


  1. Well, I was alone in the world. And it felt awful to go to the same women's shelter once and then 10 years later and they think I did nothing but, well, I'm not sure what they thought. I saw the way they looked at me. Like I was pathetic. Truth was, when they were in ringet and dressing their dollies, I was attached to a giant parasite that was making me feel lower than low. I could not get a good man, not a chance. If anyone has this problem come talk to me. I feel badly for those women, I want to help them. I might not have all the answers but I have some.

    Me too, I want to help. And I don't know why, just want to. Its like I crave it. Its weird, but its me.

    1. Sorry you got looked down on at that shelter. I have a feeling many get lectured over their "bad choices" and some are shamed more then the abusers by far. Reminds me of a counselor who told me to get empowered and I asked where was the cash? I want to help too.

  2. I hear that at upscale shops on Rodeo Drive people set bowls of water out for thirsty pets but will call the cops if a homeless person hangs around a bit too long.

    1. That stinks. One new trend here is luxury pet spas--ie kennels where the dogs and cats are put in luxury. I kid you not, some have gardens and even indoor play grounds. Sad when the animals are living better then the humans with the shopping carts in the streets.