Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What Happened to Debi Thomas?

Debi Thomas Broke, Living in Bug-Infested Trailer.

This reminds me of the story of the lady who played Joanie Cunningham on Happy Days? Her real name was Erin Moran.  She had a drug problem which definitely complicated her circumstances. It seemed the world fed on her like sharks when the story broke she was homeless. The same seems to be happening to Debi Thomas.  What has happened to Debi Thomas?

This world loves you when you are on the mountain top but unless you stay there, they are ready to kick you in the face. One pundit would say, "You're only as good as your last work", or something along those lines. It is odd she just couldn't get a doctor related job but maybe the constant required  hoop-jumping destroyed things for her there.  Maybe she lacks the money to update a license. Her practice collapsed for whatever reason. Today I was told a local radiology office is going out of business. The medical establishment is having some troubles not really widely talked about.  While people are getting emergency care, a lot of preventative and elective surgery is falling by the way side, so how would an orthopedic surgeon do in today's environment? Maybe she could not afford to transfer her license to a new state.

 The reality show may be a ply out of desperation rather then a PR stunt. The strange ramblings got me lost many times. With the odd 'get rich' schemes included, something is very wrong here. It seems like people grasping at straws to me.  It's hard to know what is happening here. The Tea Party and pissed off Republican set sure are reaming here out over at her Go Fund Me page. They are angry.  I have to admit I wondered myself why not just go get jobs? It seems they are more employable then a lot of people who can't get work but there may be more to the story. However, the controllers have done a great job getting the poor to turn on one another. Perhaps her story is meant to outrage us in general and get society to label those who fail after success as "losers" and "victims" who deserve no better and who need their "lives fixed". Remember my other articles where I have stated avoid the fixers?

Click here to support Help Olympian Family - Debi & Jamie by Debi Thomas
This cause has been developed as an emergency fund for Dr. Debi Thomas, her fiancé, Jamie Looney, and their family to restore financial stability after severe sudden financial losses over the past couple of years associated with a combination of financially crippling life challenges.
I went digging trying to find out what happened to her medical career? I don't know if this article gives us some clues.

 She was upset with the lack of patient care in 2006. Did she pay for this whistle-blowing? Did she pay for disagreeing with her bosses over bad patient care and neglect? I noticed in the video discussing the reality shows and get rich schemes, she seemed upset by trends in medicine. I find myself wondering what happened. If the hospital she worked with had limited surgery theatres how much work could she do?

Dr. Debi Thomas, a world champion figure skater turned orthopedic surgeon, lent her considerable prestige to…
I have seen a lot of articles talking about her struggles with her alcoholic husband and others surmising she had serious mental disorders. Losing everything like this would be enough to affect one's mental health so what came first, the chicken or the egg?  I don't know.
 Maybe she got burnt out. Think about it, you compete in the Olympics and win a bronze in one of the sports that takes years and years of intense training. After that you go and get a college degree and do the long haul of medical school and residency. Maybe she just got old and tired. One sad thing about our society since there are fewer safety and social nets, more people are slipping through. There are once SUCCESSFUL people who slip through or slid down. My husband tired from his 14 hour newspaper days. Sometimes this happens in middle age to people as they have less energy.  They slow down and the whole thing falls apart. The reality show ideas and the rest seems like the desperate ploys of people trying to tread water as fast as they can.
Will thinking "positive" make us rich? In the above Los Angeles article, it seems she was trying to stand against reduced patient care in 2006. She could be the type of person who is willing to take up for the underdog and not all organizations will like that very much. The word "black-ball" is one that came to my mind. Did some narcissists gang up on her? Was the destruction of her career something that snowballed outside her control? What kind of institution was she sent to? Did she disagree with it's philosophies?


She needs to stay away from Iyanla. the New Ager who will tell her to think positive and all her problems will be solved. My mother loved Iyanla bestsellers which gives me pause. The New Age philosophies that teach that you totally control your own life and it's outcome, are beneficial to the powers that be in this society. This is where they get every person to blame themselves individually and easily turn people against each other.

From such types you never get real help. Fishing poles are never thrown, just a few fish from those full of resentment. Even if you want to craft your own hook, people get angry.  Funny how Oprah never helps anyone get a job even with all her power and money.  One thing watch out for narcissists who want to enjoy keeping you down. Mood disorder NOS doesn't necessarily mean bipolar disorder. It could include even depression and natural reaction to life's circumstances.

Iyanla talks to her in a very patronizing tone, which distresses me. "Are you willing to entertain the possibilities that your brain is not functioning?" Sure, it's called stress and poverty, it's called living with bed bugs. How does embarrassing someone on national TV help with any mental problems? Was she paid for this appearance? How is she supposed to be lift herself up, and dig herself out while being told her brain is not functioning? Maybe the next idea they will get is labeling poverty itself as a "mental illness". Oh. I better not give them any new ideas.

This is one oppression the poor are under. Such types will spit in a poor person's face and berate them for not thinking of "positive" ways to escape poverty. Iylana is a New Cage con artist who as Oprah's sychophant has helped advance the false "believe and achieve" gospel. Poor Debi, I wish I could warn her. These people won't offer real practical help. They will just teach you self condemnation. The way out is not more beating yourself up and being beaten down. Hey I don't have all the answers but that hurts instead of helps. The criticizers who jeer aren't the ones paying your bills. Some of us ACONs have just managed to escape. I hope Debi can too.
There does seem evidence she is caught up in a bad relationship, with domestic abuse. It seems she says things have improved. We don't have the facts there.  If it is truly abusive and no changes have been made I hope she can get out of it. I don't like the fact that her family is gone, being rubbed in her face. What happened to her family? Did they abandon her as she slid down the ladder? Imagine being someone who realizes the hard way, you are only as good as your last skating trophy.

This video is especially revelatory. Win a bronze at the Olympics and it's still not good enough? What disheartens me here, is such a person driven like Debi Thomas even making it to the Olympics is especially vulnerable to a narcissist playing "Are you a winner or a loser" games on her. The mind screw being done to her here, is absolutely nauseating. Every competition people face distractions, and questioning themselves, well maybe the narcissists don't so they don't relate. Debi seems to be someone who still has a heart. She failed to be a good narcissist robot who lacked concern over an international skating contest.

Debi cries, "I did the best I could." Did Iyanla say "No you didn't"? My hearing isn't so good. This is the main message in this society, "You did it to yourself." "You are poor because you did it!" Now think about this, this is a woman who was an ACHIEVER most of her life, she lost a business, she suffered in troubled relationships, she could or could not have serious mental health issues, and now she is being unloaded on again. In the King and Queen of the Mountain world we live in, one thing I have realized seeing things from the bottom of the mountain, is the narcissists keep busy kicking everyone in the face, who struggles even a little bit, and if there is a lot of troubles, they can go to town. Troubles are to be exploited. That's one bad thing about fame, and Debi is vulnerable to it. This is not a world where one can admit troubles, without facing a barrage. We have too many wicked ready to patronize and judge someone.
We don't know the whole story here. Who knows what her upbringing was like? If you have heard of the film Little Girls in Pretty Boxes, maybe you can guess some of what I am hinting at here. She could be a PTSD or CPTSD case from that alone. The last thing she needs is more condemning controllers. However it sickens me to see someone set upon like this exploited, her poverty and troubles used by some to kick her in the face and hold judgment. Even if she made some bad decisions and needs mental help, metaphorically stoning her will only hurt.

There is something insidious about these celebrities on top are now homeless poor and failure stories to me. The narcissists in charge seem to be advancing them constantly now.  Here the message remains the same, that you can't look at the world around you or different factors, but must always blame yourself. So wonder people are growing more depressed and despondent. It is not a message of hope or healing but one of blame and shame. No real help or lifting one's self up will come from the finger waggers and do-gooders using your troubles to shine next to.


  1. I strongly believe we are seeing smear campaign in action and how narcs have been plotting behind the scenes for years. Reading insensitive comments from people who do not understand why she left medicine, why she is unable to look for an alternative job in health field, and why she is not listening to people who demand that she sinks or swim—all gave me bad memories of my experiences with my adopted narc mother and cruel people I dealt with in Southern California. They are obviously not Christians. It sounds like Debi has been a Christian for years and that God has been transforming her. I am saying this based on my experiences with false Christians who do not act like true Christians. In addition, many people succeeded in the world, who do not have their hearts transformed by God for years, are judging her. There are so many people who are denying her of funds because they want to push her to go back to medicine and not to look for love. They don’t understand smear campaign that kept her from getting a JOB. My adopted narc mother and other narcs tried to deny me of resources in the past. Reading comments on her Gofundme page gave me bad memories of how people reacted to me when I was down and out.

    Based on my experiences with judgmental people who tried to force me to reunite with my adopted narc mother by denying me of resources or love, I saw some issues that have been hurting Debi. First, narc people hated her ideas and advocacy for people. They also mocked her. They hate it when somebody speak against evils in this world and make it known to the world. When Debi spoke up, administrators and evil doctors were angry at being exposed. The state of Califormia investigated them so one angry narc doctor left the clinic and angry administrator made an insensitive comments about finances. Angry narcs usually argue that people like Debi was a very naïve person who needed her dose of reality. What did they do? Please read along. So they fired her, find some faults in her work and watched her closely, set her second husband against her, made some claims that she has mental health issues, misdiagnosed her for having a mood disorder implying that she has bipolar disorder, helped her second ex-husband to wipe her clean by taking her son away from her and forcing her to pay for child support. Now that he is in college, she is supposed to pay for his education, but she has no money. He probably has a full-ride scholarship for playing football and probably academic scholarships. After she was fired from two hospitals, some narcs pounced and claimed that she did not know how to get along with others and other bullshit. In other words, she did not meet their narc supplies by keeping her mouths and getting along with their Republican ideas on finances versus quality healthcare.

    Then she opened a private practice. That did not work. Narcs worked behind the scene to make sure she could not get her license renewals in five states and give her bad marks in licensing databases. She had to pay for child support, dealt with “regulation” from her state as well as several states who dealt with narc doctors and hospital administrators who found ways to take license away from her. Now they are determined to take her livelihood away from her. She was slapped with bills from the state, collection agencies, IRS, and health departments. Narcs were behind the scene to crush her.


    1. have that from teen years on, they don't suddenly go bipolar. Where was her manic and depressive That 2006 article said it all to me. I think she pissed off the wrong narc or narcs and they decided to do smear campaigns. With the bipolar stuff, usually people episodes while doing the Olympics? I detect a whiff of smear campaigns too. Even some of what she said about medical care access and more told me she could have been a whistleblower and decried corruption and she is paying for it now. Maybe she thought her fame as an Olympic celebrity would protect her. This could be the mistake she made it did not. I googled her on Youtube, she was making doctor videos as recently as 2010, she looked poised and professional from what I could tell. That is not that long ago. Divorces could clean a private practice out. She may be paying big time for defending patients. It worries me how they stress her being mentally ill. How do we know the mental illness is not the result of seeing everything in her life collapse? I know more then anything from my own experiences there is NO MERCY out there. The people putting me down have horrified me to the point that I have gone more silent and have felt more social anxiety then I have had in years. You are right many believers in the system will seek to destroy someone who speaks up agaisnt evil. Something is wrong with the whole picture here. Even the licenscing procedures you know they have set those up to weed people out even people who got their medical degrees. --this is fivehundredpoundpeep posting I forgot to log in but don't want to lose this comment.

  2. Narcs probably set her second husband against her until he finally felt uncomfortable marrying her. He eventually divorced her and took her son away from her. They have been married in 1996 and had their divorce finalized in 2010, four years after the article in LA Times was published. In most divorces, mothers are usually awarded child custody and child support checks, not the other way around. Her second ex-husband is an attorney, so he is not poor or uneducated himself. Debi is well enough to raise her son. Why people are asking her questions about her son? It is to kick her face many times over.

    I am suspicious that her enemies posed as her fans to ask these questions to instigate others to hold her in contempt. Maybe it was a set-up behind the scenes for people to kick her face by asking her questions about her son when he is already 18. I checked on her Facebook page and saw that her son are keeping in touch with her. He also posted an old profile picture of himself with her. I am suspicious that they are planning to set her son against her.

    Now that she started begging and got herself on a show in a cable channel, narcs wrote nasty comments on her Gofundme page and in Youtube. I will not be surprised when I learn that her enemies in medical industry pretend that they are one of these poor people who have health problem, who have a hard life, who work as a waiter, truck driver, or food services worker. It might be family members, friends, relatives or anybody who know those who hate Debi. Anybody could get a fake ID and post comments in Gofundme and Youtube. I could get a fake ID myself and goad Debi or anybody. You could too. Of course, real ACONs who have been kicked in their faces will never do that.

    When Debi was on the top as an ice skater, she was a college student who did not work for a hospital yet. She did not confront hospital administrators and doctors who believe they should cutback on quality health care patients needed if they don’t have money from government or insurance. The world loved her because she was in her teens to early twenties. She was a successful athlete and a student at Stanford. Some people were jealous of her success and access to Stanford education. Some of heartless comments were written by those who claimed that they were her fans. I also wonder if her enemies pretended to be her fans.

    1. I would not doubt some trolls are fakes. It makes me sick watching this woman who achieved so much for so long being treated with no mercy. That is enough to have some "mental problems" alone from enough. They are programming people to have no mercy. Divorcing an attorney is definitely divorce danger zone and could explain a lot of what happened to her.

  3. Yes, she lacks money to renew her license. That is the main reason why she lost her clinic. She was slapped with legal fees, child support payments, attorney fees, fees from government and tax bills from IRS. She was forced to file for a bankruptcy. She lacks the money to update a license. Her practice “collapsed” because of backstabbers who have been watching her for years and pouncing on her whenever they saw imperfection they could use. She had enemies who wanted her out of medical field for sure. She could not get a job when there are narc termites in hospital who want to destroy her career and reputation. Now narcs want to claim that she has bipolar disorder. She was forced to see a doctor when she hyperventilated and stressed out over bills, losing her license, and her son.

    I read somewhere that those working in the medical field are having a hard time making money since Obamacare came into picture. I am unsure about that. I think it is because people could not afford to pay for their services out-of-pocket, and the insurance are paying less these days. Orthopedic surgeons usually work for a sports medicine clinic, ER, and podiatry clinics. Debi worked for an ER division when she did a whistle blowing thing against doctors who planned to provide substandard treatments to patients.

    Debi rambles because she was stressed out and depressed. Her boyfriend was a business man himself who lost his business. Several people made comments implying that he lost his business because of his relationship with Debi. I think Debi is scared because she is not aware of narcissism as we know. If she does, she will take actions to protect herself against them and will make a decision.

    Getting a job is not as easy as ABC. She is not narcish enough. The world does not love the real Debi Thomas as they loved an Olympian of the 1980s. Hope you get my drift. She might have skills in engineering but this job is for dead-heads. She might realize she is not brain-dead. Getting a job at Target or as a waitress is not as easy as ABC, because she is too overqualified for these jobs. Nobody will hire her to work for Target. Why aren’t her family around? She might be too ashamed or maybe she has narcs in her family. Who knows?

    As for medical field, people have been determined of taking her medical license and her job away from her since 2006. It was possible that angry doctors and hospital administrators set her second husband against her. They dealt with legal issues from Medicare and Medicaid after Debi pointed out their poor treatment plans for patients. Her second ex-husband has been an attorney. I am unable to find his page because he is obviously hiding his profile pages online. I read somewhere that he is an expert on insurance claims.

    We are seeing how people react to victims of narcs’ smear campaign against them and it is scary. Hope somebody will tell Debi about narcissistic abusers soon so she could take actions and get toxic people out of her life. There are too many people subscribing to The Tea Party Republican ideas because it make them feel good. I am suspicious that are paid pundits and trolls posting very judgmental comments to draw ire from her former fans and angry poor people. These are my theories and suspicions based on my experiences with malignant narcs and backstabbers at work. Normal people I worked with held similar suspicions that these things happened to us.

    1. Our dying economy is not only affecting the long time poor like myself but people who are up a few notches. The ultra rich do not get when you deny everyone money to live on, businesses will not make money. Non-elective medical care, is the only thing keeping medicine afloat. I have read too that Obamacare is destroying medicine. This was warned about. We cannot afford Obamacare and the incredible payments are wiping out the middle class. No one is going to the doctor unless they are about to die. I took care of a few medical things like going to gynecologist for a scan, and doing mammogram and I may regret it because I am now being crushed by the co-pays. I have Medicare so it is even far worse for someone with worthless Obamacare insurance with its thousands of dollars of deductibles, so the doctors are taking a major major hit. They aren't talking about this in the news either. Ignorant people who watch Fox news, have been brainwashed to trash anyone out of a job. I think they are rambling on from stress. When poverty gets severe enough, it does affect your mind. You are the deer in the headlights.

  4. As an LCSW, I feel that on the surface having a list of get rich quick schemes smacks of bipolar disorder. However, I would have to be able to talk with her in person to be able to really make that sort of assessment.
    I also read somewhere that her fiance has anger management issues and doesn't seem to be working himself. It doesn't sound like a healthy relationship. I feel badly for her that things have taken such a downturn.

    1. She obviously was mentally healthy enough for olympic training and then years and years of a medical practice and medical school. I don't know if she is bipolar, because bipolars have their depressive and manic episodes and I dont have enough information to know if she fits that bill. However having your life crumble like hers has is definitely mood disorder--adjustment disorder? territory. It is natural emotions to events. The fiance worries me. Her desperation could have led her into an unhealthy relationship. There seems to be evidence the fiance lost his business too:


  5. I need to read this further but two words came to mind as soon as I started and those words are "Identified Patient" but instead of the context of a dysfunctional family it is in the context of a dysfunctional system. If you ever see the movie Immortal Beloved. It shows Beethoven in his older years walking down the street and some kids sniff out that he is down on his luck so one of them kicks him from behind and as he spins around to face the kid another kid moves in and kicks him until he so dizzy from spinning to avoid all possible avenues of attack he falls down. That's what happened to me in the end. I was protecting my self from my first wife who was raking me through the coals as my secretary who happened to be her friend was forging checks off my business. All while I am having the law put my head in a paint shaker 24/7. And while all this was going on unbeknownst to me my mother was the ringleader. I finally just gave up and let them have what they wanted. I copped a deal with the law. I let my ex take what she wanted, I paid the lawyers what they were asking. Paid fines. Did community service. I just let it wash over me because it was useless and impossible to fight back. It felt like the whole world had my number and nothing I could do was going to stop them. I might add about the Beethoven story he went on to write his ninth symphony after he metaphorically got back up on his feet.

  6. I was reading anonymous comments and I agree. If you haven't lived it she might be painted as paranoid and sour grapes. I already commented about the rough time in my life but I would like to chime in and say that any one that thinks it's hyperbole or the thinking of a paranoid person think again. It can happen to anyone even you. Not you peep the collective "you"...you know "them". And "they" know who "they" are

  7. Hmmmm.... I'm not sure what happened to her.... There are many doctors and lawyers with mental disorders that continue to practice and thrive professionally. She definitely does not appear to be psychotic... I pray that she decides to go to another country and practices again..... What a waste of talent, I'm a black female and have never like Ms. Iyana ... She mixes Christianity with new age crab.... And her tough love is loveless.

    1. One thing I kept thinking is poverty will bring mental stress. Why did Iyanla assume that mental illness caused poverty instead of the other way around? I don't like her either and her New Cage theories and Oprah lies. I consider tough love a load of garbage. In the medical world, I do think some are going out of business, no one can afford elective surgeries, and the insurance game is bankrupting them.