Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why Do These Lipedema/Dercum Health Boards Push Diets First?

Here's some UNWANTED diet advice I got on a Lipedemia/Dercum's Health board I'll leave unnamed. I'm staying away from these places now because as I struggle with this body, the last thing I need is more of the same blame and shame nonsense.  I am in pain today too and fearful of weight gains--it may have been fluids from being extra busy for about a week, so this was the last thing I was in the mood for. Some of the diet advice seems to contradict. Do you all notice this too?

Well, I feel that I have to answer this point. I too, have dieted all my life and exercised until pure physical exhaustion. But, I have dieted properly and with no luck at all. But arriving on a new page, where there are plenty of people in the same situation, and who have actually arrived at a solution to that very problem, I would feel that it was a good thing to look at. Your weight and health problems will never go away by ignoring them and it takes a constant and healthy approach to dieting to lose any weight at all.

I too, was really astonished by this method of losing weight, as it goes against all my training as a Nurse, but it works and so many people have been here to witness that it works. What is killing us all is sugar. And all the carbohydrates full of chemicals in them........... We all need to eat what is best for our condition. At 400lbs, you need to lose weight and I would suggest that you take the time to look and even try that way of eating to see if it helps you rather than somewhat rejecting the solution before even reading about it.

I pass for 400lbs in my photographs. Guess that's a benefit. I always weighed around 100 more then I look.

Maybe some of them should take up jobs for Atkins and join Marie Osmond and pals...[maybe I have the wrong star]

On all of these pages, we all discuss diets, what works for one, will not necessarily work for another. But we always talk about them. If you refuse to even listen to those who have lost 100 lbs and more, that is being silly. 

This is the first diet I have seen in more than thirty years which has worked for morbidly obese people, so it works. Obviously if you have tried all the dieting fads over the years, then you have not really been dieting and eating healthily. Losing weight entails a change of life choices and if you are not willing to make those choices, then you will just stay the way you are. 

If diets worked would there be any fat people around? Isn't that same promise made with every new diet?

I sometimes wonder if they have diet and status quo types on rare obesity condition boards, the status quo cannot afford to have the diets questioned, or that there are people gaining hundreds of pounds from medical conditions.  The reality of Lipedema and Dercum's alone turns their obesity lies on their head, so what better then telling the "medical condition" cases to shut up and diet! These types give the same answers as the last 40 years. How do you say to a person who lost 250lbs at one point even if most of it was medically oriented, "You don't know how to lose weight?"

Nobody is shaming you so please do not start feeling sorry for yourself. Here, we have all been on diets and heard doctors tell us that it is all our fault...... I have heard it now for fifty five years and it still happens today. But with diabetes, you need to be extra careful about your diet and complex carbs are very good. Atkins is not LCHF and vice versa...... There are many things to be taken into account and it really does depend on life choices.

 Doctors do not understand that our Adipose Disorders do not react to the same diets as they want us all on....... BUT WE DO!! We have all been there with you!!! You sound so determined to remain in your own little world of no changes, no help from others like you...... it is a real shame and I feel very sorry that you do not want advice, because we all came here for advice and thank goodness that some people have made all this information available due to their own experience and hard work. You really need to get a hold of this problem and listen to what has really helped others in the same situation.......They are not doctors but if they have lost 200 lbs, they are doing Something right. 

Until she suggested a lymphedema specialist, there was no new advice outside of GO DIET and eat NO CARBS and ATKINS advice. Atkins was disproven 25 years ago. I attempted Atkins in the 1990s and one time later. Yes diabetics and women with PCOS have to keep away from sugars, simple carbs and white flour. Healthy fats are good. I was new to the board so she knew nothing of a "world of no change". I was judged simply on size alone. Are some of these people getting kick-backs from the diet companies? One other person advertised direct links there.

I know exactly what you are saying, but you are not listening to me. On this page especially, we all talk about the different ways we have circumvented the doctors who repeat non stop that we need to lose weight. I heard it again last week!! I have Dercum's Disease and have had it for fifty odd years, so tell me about the lipomas growing out of control, I am an expert!! But to get a handle on our health problems you still need to address eating, whatever it is you choose to eat. Dercum's Disease does make you put on weight, there is no doubt, but once you find a diet which allows you to remain at what I would call "your average DD weight", you do not really go up or down, no matter what you eat. If you say that you can lose 50 lbs this week then it is all fluid, it is not fat. You need to see a Lymphoedema Specialist. Nobody in this world loses fat at that rate - never!

I feel for any high stage Lipedema/Dercum's people going to any of these boards. The fat shaming and extreme diet talk are never ending. Some people on the board did defend me. The woman who shouted me down looked like she weighed around 150lbs. She never has been super-sized from what I can tell and is obviously a far lower stage person without the affects of Lipo-lymphedema.

There are women like me and even in worse shape who are bedbound and who can't walk at all. If these boards are that awful to semi-mobile me, how bad would they be to someone like that?

I'm tired of judgmental jerks.

The "eat their own" health boards suck where the low stages and successful dieters beat up on the high stage people and those of us who struggle in weight loss despite our healthy eating are a nightmare.  Getting away from the narcissists I'm done making excuses just for existing, and well, it's the same with this body now too. Their diets failed me. Of course they will tell me "Oh you didn't try hard enough" and other nonsense. Well I will be avoiding these places. They are triggering. Some support boards can work but they are few and far between. These are diseases that will remain in the pit under the diet industry juggernaut.

People with Lipedema and Dercums often go undiagnosed for years like me when they were told to go "diet" for their growing legs, lobes and lipomas. Hearing this same garbage [I have nothing against healthy eating discussions] is abysmal. These women are actually working against true treatment of these diseases with their diet industry brainwashing and dreams. 

The False Shame of Fat Women Affects Lipedema

Warning...watch out for support boards on Facebook, there's a few good ones, but it seems many of the ACON boards were run by narcissists and the Lipedema ones run by Diet-Dealers.  In the other article I wrote about women bragging about weight loss and eating 500 calories 4 days a week.


  1. These people sound scary! :( I feel sorry for women with lipedema/dercum's who had to read their comments, and see how hateful, cold, and superficial these people have been. I hope many of them have a loving family and/or spouses so they would not be so depressed after reading posts from obesity counseling bullies and narcs. I'm glad you are staying away from these people online. I also agree that some support groups for ACONs are run by narcs and it looks like some health related groups are also run by narcs and enablers.

    I think listening to your doctors is better than listening to some online people, because your doctors know your real health history and conditions. People who run health related boards might not be real patients or experts. I think some are trolls, bullies or those who hate fat people. In ACON groups, there are those who claim that they are psychologists, counselors, or social workers who are running a group or so. :(

    1. Yes these people sound scary to me too. I think many high stage Lipedema women have been silenced or pushed out or left many of these boards. They are hateful, cold and superficial. In this conversation I was new and talked about growing concern of lipomas in my stomach and fluids and pain getting bad before I lay down at night and do Flexitouch. [other years were very bad because it would get infected before I had those treatments]

      Yes there are bad support groups for ACONS on there too and health boards. I think their advice is dangerous for insulin resistant/diabetics and PCOS women and also women like myself who have multiple nutritional deficients. They actually give the same advice I saw on "pro-ana" boards which includes never any carbohydrates at all, and other advices and "starvation" days like those other boards. The doctors have even told me how many calories a day they want me to eat which is not what they suggest in their craziness. I am not supposed to skip meals. etc.

      There is also the class issues where they brag about their high dollar diets and recipes like eating expensive fish and nuts and organic paleos. I get veggie patties, carrot sticks, cottage cheese, peppers and salad from Aldis, like with narcs I am being given the shame and blame feelings and like nothing is good enough.

      Some are self-appointed experts from what I can tell and some have even told their boards they are scientists while presenting no credentials and nothing that backs this up online. I wonder if there is money-making and diet sales too as part of these boards on desperate to lose weight and struggling Lipedemic and Dercum's women. Definitely there are people there who hate fat people and who have never heard of the good parts of size acceptance in their life. Some are midsized women who hate themselves for being pudgy or plump and not thin, and abuse supersized people.

      They treat me like I am a radical from outer space. There's Lipedemia women bedbound and wheelchair bound with lobes and legs growing so big they can't walk at all probably reading their crap and crying now. Yes I saw the phony counselors, psychologists and social workers on the ACON boards. One guy claiming to be a counselor was found to be a predator. This particular woman claimed to be a nurse. For all I know she spoonfed a few disabled people for a low wage nursing assistant job like myself.

      I know a real nurse who is retired whose sister had Lipedemia and ended up in the nursing home unable to walk, and I don't see her doing diet lectures on people or me. I do think the world is getting meaner fast. I am noticing the number of sharks is getting more numerous and they see the sick and others as prey. Thanks for your post anon. I am staying away from these places for good.

  2. Peep, People who throw around alleged credentials, make patently false sweeping statements about health related issues, present themselves as (self proclaimed) experts are seeking to exert power over others. ACs have BTDT; now we have choices regarding who we'll hang out with and under what circumstances.

    You are the expert on you. You " lack" nothing but confidence in yourself which was destroyed decades ago if it ever even had an opportunity to grow anyway. Please don't gaslight yourself and don't let anyone else do it either. Don't let anyone step on what you know to be right and true. There will never be anyone who is a Peep Expert but you.

    I'm glad you're gonna drop the rope with these people. Like you, I also think there are shills on boards like this solely to prey on other's lack of self-confidence and insecurities.

    1. I agree, the alleged credentials were bad enough. The one telling me she was a "nurse", was meant to silence me. I notice too these self-avowed experts all sure look pretty thin in the photographs they do show. Like they never have struggled with weight in their life not even worrying about plumpness. Now there's different stages of Lipedema, and Dercums, not everyone is in my extreme category but when you can see sinews in their necks in their photographs these are not people who are "traditionally even midsized or plump". I do think it is some type of power thing. Society invested into the diet industrial complex doesn't want a bunch of people saying look I gained a hundreds pounds, I am maintaining incredible weight on this many calories. One disturbing trend with myself even lately is too restricted food, seems to make the sugars higher. So they want us upstarts shamed, blamed and silenced. One weird thing too the catfish who claimed to be near 700lbs suggested one focus on dieting board to me, and I kept thinking about this, how could someone immobile from obesity and in a worse situation then me, lead me to this board where they tell women with Lipedema to starve themselves or eat only 500 calories 4 days a week. Which is more evidence of me being lied to. Yeah shills sums it up.

      I agree I had my confidence destroyed in myself, and never have been able to have it grow. One reason I have broken away from the entire family is they all were abusers by proxy supporting the system, to keep me in a certain place. I agree I know myself the best. I know the starvation crap made me sicker, that even keep enough nutrients in this body is a constant struggle and that their diets don't work and if anything worsened my diabetes and other health problems. I almost died at the hands of people like this at my peak weight so let's just say my patience is low. The obesity health world is full of so many liars and profit driven types. Yeah so I am going to drop rope. Thanks TW

  3. This is a really good discussion; there are plenty of medical conditions that stop you from losing weighr--thyroid, and diabetes too.I was always a weight-watcher when a young woman, and I kept it off for years. But I became older, disabled feet, so I could walk as much and do yoga anymore.One bad medical condition, like severe arthritis and "plantarfaciinitus" of the feet got me into a wheel chair, A good chiropractor finally helped my back a lot.--But regular doctors won't refer you to one! And, its a scandel, medical conditions and MEDICINE can alter your weight despite any dieting.I find doctors to be VERY DUMB about losing weight healthily--its because the AMA has no idea what they're doing. YES, I am accusing AMA doctors of being,lazy,dumb, uncaring, and over-worked. NOW, the PATIENT has to figure out,who to see,what's wrong with them,and which plan of therapy to use.Doctors WON'T and CAN'T do it anymore. AMA doctors are now really bad. You were saying,they put you on stupid diets?For one thing,n doctors get no education on nutrition and diet.You should go to a licensed dietician, not a doctor.Doctors are ignorant on nutrition.--and they don't get good education any more.So, going to a doctor to lose weight,for many people, is a waste of time.I found out weight watchers know more about nutrition than doctors(WW has changed,though,its very expensive now, and medical conditions are often the cause.)

    One thing no one talks about,is psychological reasons for being obese.Depressed people often can't lose weight,and are heavy.Drugs contribute.But stress in America, and lots of junk food everywhere,sabatoge people's health.The stressful society really clobbers the human system.One theory is, many people gain weight to counteract all the stress.--it's true.I had to move back to a state famous for heavy population. Probably the bad feet, AND THE STATE ATMOSPHERE,combined to make me gain weight again.I even got like my fellow-county and city dwellers! very depressing. Sorry for talking so much, but, yes, I don't think doctors are qualified to help you lose weight.--And, yes, they often don't take medical problems in account.

    The society does not take any blame for encouraging people to gain eight.The economy flashes cheap fast food at you,and you often have to use it.Cultural and society do wreck people's nutrition.It hard to have enough money to feed an entire family.So the nation needs to take resonsibility for encouraging bad food,and lowering the nutrition quality for peoples' food.I am so sick of PIZZA ADS, and PIZZA PLACES everywhere! This state has nothing but BIG PIZZA EVERYWHERE. I hate it.You do have to blame society for beefing everyone up with DEEP DISH PIZZA, with EXTRA CHEESE. It is the state FOOD. I used to live in a big city, and people tended to be thinner.--and it effects you.But people were encouraged to eat healthier.After I moved back to my home state, it was hard to avoid getting bigger like everyone living there.(getting old didn't help) Yes, a lot of factors are really involved in making people heavy; its very hard to buck a system of pizza and fast food everywhere--and you live in it all the time.I wish the damn society would own up to their part in this. thank you.

    1. Thanks hoho. Nothing they tell me to do works. I ate veggie patties and lowered food even more on all days. I am worried that today my sugar was a bit worse this morning because I had eaten less and went to bed with acute hunger pain. It seems no matter what I do, none of it works. When I get weighed in July at the kidney specialist, I have decided if I am over the 540 mark, that I am going to ask to be hospitalized. The guy on 600lb life puts fat people in the hospital. I don't want to lay in bed all day, give me a PT room and crafts room and cook some salads and other foods. See if any comes off. When it doesn't they can track my sugars too.

      I do NOT think I have gained weight because all my shorts are still knotted up and my to the inch Flexitouch system still fits, but I am paranoid of weight gains. If I went back to 600 or 700 I would be dead. I would consider obtaining an eating disorder at this point but that ravages the diabetes. If I sink the food too low the sugars skyrocket which isn't the way it is supposed to work but it happens to me. In fact I have noticed if I don't eat a certain amount the sugars are worse and I got 109, blood sugar on morning after the day I ate baked chicken and coleslaw for lunch at a restaurant [I don't do fried] and a pasta dish for dinner. I add salad to most meals. The next day I ate less food, but it was more chicken and salad and veggie patties at lunch with salad, carrot sticks and cottage cheese, and I had a 130 blood sugar this morning. So my head is spinning. Whatever I am doing isn't working. And even trying to exercise isn't working either. The pain is about ready to take me out. I never miss wrapping and Flexitouch which keeps the endless infections away that I used to get, haven't had one in 6 months and that was one I fought off in two days and was very mild without antibotics. I think there's others in the boat with me lectured to lose weight and "eat healthy" and they are noticing ballooning crap bodies where none of it works and everyone calling them liars. If I lose my mind, they can lay it at the foot of this crap.

      Putting up with the starve or else queens, was not fun either.

      Today I swelled up...heat? hormones tried to walk and it hurt like hell though I walked through an entire Aldis about a week ago without a problem and in a park. So yeah in your case something functional in your feet made things harder to walk and easier to gain weight.


    2. I think they are fattening us all up, the entire population. Some of us are canaries in the goldmine. I think a lot of the doctors are lazy too, the fact they are sticking to the CICO formulas for weight loss because none of it is working. People are getting fatter. Hell look around people's bodies are more mis-shapened. People don't even look like what they used to. I'm old enough to remember what people looked like in the 70s and 80s.

      Fat people are getting more depressed. We are poorer, we have less money to do things. Fat people are so beaten down, I think fat people as a whole in America are drinking intense cortisol slurpees. It's like one big trauma factory for anyone who grows fat.

      The stress is killing us and the bad food. Even affording decent food is hard. This sick competitive society is killing us. I believe the stress is making everyone fat. Probably even the lack of FUN is contributing and FUN leisure activities were people feel JOY in doing things, not this competitive drudge stuff.

      Certain enviromnents will put more weight on like your new town. Some areas eat healthier then others too. I agree about doctors being no help to lose weight. Even that doctor on 600lb life yelling at all the people failing to lose weight from WLS is fat himself and can't control his weight and he has a big hunch in his back probably from bad eating. I have a hunch in my back. They say our food depleted of nutrients is making our bones break down earlier.

      A lot of the food plainly sucks and they make the healthier stuff unaffordable. I think people's lifestyles have been ruined. So many things out of balance. I am freaking sick of PIZZA and the cheap pizza I don't touch with a 10 foot pole. Talk about poisoning one's self. One starts to wonder why they never see salad or foods with vegetables and even the pizza they try to sell they add fattening cheese to INSIDE the crusts and greasy pepperoni, never any vegetables on the things. I noticed one local pizzaria I like to get salads and subs from never makes a coupon for their good salads why is that?

      I wish the society would get a clue too.

  4. Probably the biggest problem I've had with the medical community is too many "Specialists," and not enough "general/family" practitioners. I have been passed from one "specialist" to another, racking up a horrifying number of prescriptions-they get passed out like Consolation Prizes so frequently I'm starting to believe they're the Swag Bag of the chronically ill. Finally, I refused referrals, kicked the majority of the meds to the curb-no one who writes them ever stops writing refills and you're told you can't titrate down on THEIR med, but you can get rid of another "specialists" scripts. Oh BS.

    I now have A primary who is an internist/family practitioner. He's been well trained to stop reaching for a script and listen to me after a decade plus of me saying "Wait! Wait!" Unless I need surgery or my autoimmune stuff has flared beyond what we can manage together that's who I see exclusively aside from the previous exceptions.

    In a nutshell, what I'm saying is NOONE SEES THE WHOLE PICTURE. Or they're so buried in your records they barely look at you. Even when I grew a huge goiter precipitously, my blood work was right on. Stop looking at the lab results and look and listen to me. I walked around for decades with every symptom of classic hyperthyroidism and NO ONE caught it until I was choking on this mess growing in my throat. (Didn't have my primary at the time.) If you have any kind of systemic illness, you're outta luck. They "see" their speciality only and not your totality. End rant!

    1. The doctors now a days scare me, I've had to diagnosed myself with anything serious and then demand the right tests and confirmation, this includes even directing handing them kidney stones in a paper towel and saying take them to a lab. I would have died if I didn't do that. I was passing DOZENS. I probably have PTSD from that year of puking and pain. My home is full of medical books, I even have the book "Signs and Symptoms" in here so I can figure out what is wrong.

      Medical people are too much linear thinkers, mathematician types who yes look at details and ignore the bigger picture. I hate how they judge me medically according to the numbers. I told one doctor, how fatigued I am and he said "Oh youre not sick, youre not anemic". Well maybe not NOT but something else could be making me tired. Sorry you have gone through the same thing with the specialists. Sometimes it can be frightening with them. I have to remind them of outside factors and the ones who do everything by lab numbers are doubly frightening. So yeah you have a huge goiter and they say "Oh your numbers are just fine!" I've been down that road before too! I don't want a bunch of drugs thrown at me. A lot of them don't seem to want to diagnose or solve the CORE problems. That scares me. I think the medical world has gone downwards in quality.

      Dealing with the idiots that think diet and starvation will fix everything has been annoying beyond belief. I think people who manage to stay alive ditch a lot of the bad advice and question doctors. You know having all my swelling blamed on congestive heart failure from "being fat" did me a lot of damage. So many decades of misdiagnosis. Thyroid conditions like yours they really fall down on the job.

  5. Honey- you've claimed in many blog posts that you barely eat. If this is the truth, why are you so against diets?

    Since you barely eat, stick to 1200 calories everyday. Get a food scale, weigh your portions, and accurately log every calorie you consume. You can be down to a healthy weight within a few years. Until you stick to this diet strictly, everyday, for long enough to see results, stop complaining diets don't work. If this diet isn't working for you, it's because you're overeating and lying about it.

    You're poor, you have no relationship with your family, and your health is failing. Obviously, your way isn't working. You need to either face reality and start sticking to a strict diet, or spend the rest of your days complaining about illness and fat shaming. You can lose all your extra weight in 4 years, be down to a normal weight, and live your life happily and healthily. Or, you can continue to be miserable and sick, and insist that you (a fat person with no medical degree) know more about health than physicians.

    I'm not trying to be insulting. I'm honestly trying to help you. If you choose to ignore this advice, you're choosing to continue a miserable life of obesity. The choice is yours. Good luck.

    1. I'm not your honey.

      1200 calories is insane and stupid advice for a woman of my size. Even nutritionists would consider the level too low. Why is 1200 the new magic number and not 1800 or a calorie level that would allow for three meals a day? Are you people insane? Even my nutritionist gave me an 1800 calorie diet. Too low and diabetes goes out of control as well as too high.

      Oh I will automatically lose weight? Yeah you know it all don't you? Chances are what hair I have left would fall out and my metabolism would drop even more as I got colder and colder. My sugars would skyrocket like they always do in previous attempts to lose weight via near starvation or starvation. I always froze too.

      Keep up with the fat logic brainwashing.

      Hope the crack pipe and cigarettes are doing it for you. Successful bulimia or anorexia? Endless Keto?

      Your help and advice sucks.

      Lose all my extra weight in 4 years, what planet are you on? 500 calories wouldn't even do it.

      I am sick of fat people being told "Go Starve".

      The starvation advice has not made any fat people thin. Some fat people escape if they have binge eating disorders or food addiction who can return to normal calories, but telling someone who eats normal calories or actually lower then normal calories to control diabetes and not to gain, to go starve themselves to save themselves is utter BS.

    2. Can you provide a sample log of everything you eat in a day? How many calories does it add up to.

      Only a person who consistently overeats would consider 1200 calories a day starvation. For 1200 calories, you can eat a small yogurt for breakfast, grilled chicken breast and veggies for lunch, and salmon and steamed veggies or salad for dinner. You could also have a couple snacks of low fat yogurt or fruit between meals. Obviously, you don't have a strong understanding of how many calories are in food. This is fine. It's not too late to learn how to count calories and start losing weight. 1200 calories a day is typically considered the lowest amount of calories an adult woman can eat and still get all necessary nutrients, but you can go lower or higher, depending on your height and how quickly you want to lose weight. If you stick to the 1800 calories day recommended by your nutritionist, you would be losing weight. Obviously you are not sticking to it because you're still 500 pounds.

      Many shorter women (around 5'0'' to 5'4'') stick to 1200 calories a day while dieting, and 1500 calories a day while maintaining. This isn't starvation, it's how healthy weight people eat. Obviously you don't understand this. Eating a healthy controlled amount of calories isn't brainwashing or an eating disorder. It's what people have to do when they don't want to blow up to 500 pounds.

      I used an online calculator to calculate your TDEE. It's approximately 3300 calories a day. This is how many calories you need to eat in a day to maintain your current weight (no gain, no loss). If you ate 1800 calories a day per your nutritionist's recommendations, you would have a daily caloric deficit of 1500 calories, which would be a 3 pound a week weight loss. You should try this diet strictly for a few months and really stick to it, and not cheat yourself.

      Starvation makes plenty of fat people thin, but only those who stick to it. However, strictly limiting your caloric intake to 1200-1800 calories a day is not starvation.

      I'm assuming today you continued your uncontrolled eating. If you had chosen to stop lying to yourself and stick to a diet today, you would be slightly closer to what should be your goal of a healthy weight. Even if it was just 0.3 pounds closer. Perhaps you will start tomorrow. Good luck.

  6. I kept diet logs for 6 months with the dietician, and the average was 1800-1900 and there were many days at 1600-1700. I am not interested in arguing things out with a CICO true believer. 3300 calories? Now I'm laughing. What part of they can put me in the hospital do you not get? [so they can watch what I eat] I know calories better then you do. You must never get any hunger pain and I seriously doubt you have ever done this diet yourself unless you are one of those health board professional anorexics who learned how to barf it up. I don't know ANYONE who has stuck to 1200 calories LONG TERM unless they are on the way out from cancer. Anyhow I guess I'll die fat because I actually eat some food, not the huge amounts you envision either.
    Any of you CICO jerks ever figure out the hunger pain you want people to bear is beyond their tolerance? I get it you don't get hungry, you got your lettuce leaf and piece of 20 dollar salmon.

  7. Your diet sucks especially for an insulin resistant person:

    Small yogurt for breakfast---sugar crash within 2 hours. Higher blood sugars. May as well not eat at all.

    Grilled chicken breast---[those are in my diet all the time, had one for dinner] just some veggies and no carbs, I'm asking to be on the floor with x's over my eyes. Diabetes is an unforgiving entity. Oh I had fresh broccoli with the chicken at dinner but in your biases towards the fat, I am sure you think I had a 4 piece fried dinner.

    Salmon, allergic to seafood, not into the mercury, always the suggestion of classist jerks too. The perpetual snob food.

    Now let me ask you a question you think the solution to being fat is so simple, why aren't more people following your diet suggestions? Consider this one carefully.

    Is it because they are all lazy?

    I'm sure in your small brain you will think that's why it is.

    Even the no carb idiots don't get that they are trying to pass a literal death sentence on me. They don't faint from lack of glucose. I tried the starvation diets and all the other crap you have dreamed up and they FAILED.

  8. Anyhow time for JADE on CICO believers....that's your last post.

  9. Just eat less food! is failing the entire fattening up country.

    CICO believers ignore hunger levels, they ignore hunger pain. Even now to keep diabetes controlled I had to train myself to take hunger pain. I ate SOME SALAD too late at night to kill hunger pain and my sugar was up by 20 points. The bean counters and starvation types will be the death of us all. What if I wrote I can't comfortably do 1200, they would call me lazy a loser. I do not believe thin people are eating only 1200 calories a day. I see them eat in restaurants and many other places. Their bodies burn the food. They use this crap to oppress the fat.

    I was called a liar for years as I almost died of endocrine diseases and sepsis from swelling legs from lymphedema and Lipedema. So much fluid even on my stomach and a growing Lipoma in there.

    GO starve. Eat that one yogurt for breakfast at 8 am that leaves your stomach growling by 10am. What do you mean you are dizzy and your vision is funny from not eating any carbs? That's just an excuse.

    All they do is cry pig and you eat too much. It's not helping. It's not helping me. I lost 200lbs at one point and 160 of it at least is still off, but I can't bear the hunger of their diets, and well...

    to them, that makes me "lazy" and a horrible person.

    I think they are jerks. And they are stupid to think their solutions, are any solution at all.

    The whole country is fattening up. Calories are BS.

  10. 1200 is considered starvation dieting.



  11. A diet lady who posted comments on your blog sounds like a fat-hating narc. I don't think she has lipedema. Sorry you have been dealing with a bully. She sounds like a mean girl from junior high or high school. At least you have been working with a nutritionist and doctors who knows your health situations better, and you are in good hands with them. :)

    1. She's pretty nasty....I will ban her comments from now on. She is fat hater and probably thin on normal food. I ate 2 eggs and grapes for breakfast with some bread and a chef salad at lunch. Of course in their mind because I am 500lbs I am pigging out every minute and I need to go starve pronto! The starvation stuff sickens me. I have kept diet journals long enough to know if I go too low on food it's as dangerous as too high as far as sugars are concerned. She doesn't have Lipedema either. Agree about the nutritionist and doctor. There's no playing around with diabetes I'm serious. If I was a binge eater or pigging out and eating the amounts these people said I was, I'd already be dead.

    2. The calorie count on todays food would be around 850-900 right at this point. I plan to eat a slice of 250 calorie dinner ham [one that has no fat or bone, some corn bread and some green beans for dinner. Yeah I'm loading it in. These types all hang out at boards telling people that their bodies will magically become slim if they just stop eating!