Friday, April 29, 2016

Lipedema Can Be Life Threatening

Doctor Stutz lecturing on Lipedema...

"Lipedema Can Be Life-Threatening: Increased Rates of Suicide, Depression and Eating Disorders"

Stay away from diet-mongerers and abusers. That will help a Lipedemic's health and mental health. For all disabled people stay away from people who will abuse you telling you that special regiments, and diets will be cure alls. Nothing is good enough to those type of people so when you say you eat 1800 calories a day they will say it has to be 1200, and call you a liar. Some will say 1200 is too much  and you're a pig, and you must do Keto and starve yourself at 500 a day! Forgotten is how many Lipedemic women suffered under the lash of being called liars and being told to diet while being misdiagnosed even for decades. I am sure there are women in their graves now, who were abused and told to diet while not being diagnosed. I almost died of sepsis three times, during my younger years. So fat bigots can be murderers in a certain way.

There's many people out there abusing sick and vulnerable people. Some are doing it for profits. Some are narcissists declaring themselves self-appointed science experts lording over others. Sick people in narcissistic American society with it's liars and deceivers is not not easy place to be in. Some are people who have gotten eating disorders and been able to maintain them because they are not insulin resistant without passing out and dying and want to spread their toxicity on others. I feel for Lipedemics who may have eating disorders but I can't bear it. My body because of it's other problems cannot maintain an eating disorder. Following the pro-ana's for me means death. The Atkins diet laid me out flat in Chicago and created a hospital level anxiety attack, and visual problems.

I had enough of eating disorders in my toxic family.  When I was young, my mother once got angry at me when I was in the low 200s, for refusing to take little pink laxatives to lose weight. She does not have Lipedema but this definitely explained how she could eat out so much and not gain weight. This is a recent memory that has returned. It scares me that so much disordered eating is now promoted on SOME Lipedema health boards for the sake of being "thin". For low stage Lipedema women who do not have  high stage Lipo-Lymphedema where there is  body wide lymphedema, some may be able to lose  some weight but such advice for a higher stage woman is dangerous. They are not doing their bodies favors in the long run either.

 To stay alive this long, I have taken my own advice and done what is best for me. I will continue that. I need a Lymphedema super-specialist and an immunologist. They can put me in the hospital tomorrow if they want. My husband doesn't think they will put me in the hospital unless my infection grows worse. I can still walk. I can't imagine what the pain and suffering must be for the Lipedemic women who have lost all their mobility. Definitely the diet abuse has to be dialed up a few notches for people in that position. I'm scared I have not lost weight from the diabetes dialing down alone.

I fear for other Lipedemics who are in my severe category. I know I have lost so much from this disease. Some good people I know with Lipedema, are helpful and friendly and we admit those losses to each other without judgment. They understand me when I say I lost my career. Some others lost their families too especially if they were toxic. There are decent people who have been supportive that I have met but I am really worried about some of the messages out there in the Lipedemic world.
The doctor above warning about suicide, depression and eating disorders, I think is one of the good guys. He admits how some of the societal abuse is affecting women with Lipedema.

This disease is being adversely affected by fat bigotry and the lies of the diet industry. I am disappointed by what I encountered. One woman even attempted to shame me by telling me via an article I had gone deaf from "being fat" indirectly.  That's sick. They buy into this societies lies that everything is to be blamed on everyone being "lazy" and deciding to "overeat" and getting "diabetes" and refuse to see through the profit-making lies.

Sadly suffering people decide to eat their own far too often or when people are suffering and vulnerable, there's too many narcissists trying to get in on the game. I'm one of the few who has the guts to call out some of the garbage. The diet abuse needs to stop. The diet abuse of women with Lipedema and related conditions has created the issues with severe depression and eating disorders. It needs to stop. My disappointment at seeing it on health boards who say they are there to "help" Lipedemics, and those with Dercum's is immense.

Why Do These Lipedema and Dercum's Health boards Push Diets First?


  1. I hope lippy ladies will leave toxic groups and find ones that is friendly to them. They have more than problems with their health even though some have lovely and caring parents. However, those who were adopted or have narc parents who do not have lipedema are worse off.

    I will pray that those with lipedema will leave toxic groups soon and find good support system of their spouse, family members, and friends. <3

  2. I agree about leaving toxic groups, and finding friendlier ones. The health problems of Lipedema can be overwhelming alone with out mean and nasty people trying to unload on them. I hope they find good support too.