Monday, September 8, 2014

Columnist Gains Weight on Purpose

"I hate fat people for making me do this"

Can we say narcissist crocodile tears?

Columnist eats 6,500 calories a day to prove that fat people are lazy

This seems like a dangerous enterprise where she could render herself fat forever. She is too close to menopause to be playing with fire like this, but if she manages to lose it all, what will it prove but that thin bodies operate properly? Perhaps God will decide to teach her a lesson and she will be unable to lose the weight and will learn some compassion for others. I also notice she is only running "plump" on a calorie level that would make me bed-bound within days.  Just the fact she has to eat so much to stay plump says it all. The powers that be finance this sort of nonsense, they profit off fat oppression. It looks like professional fat haters are on the billing.


  1. If fat people are making her fat. That lends credence to what we say about crazy people making us crazy.

  2. It won't prove anything. Of course she may or may not lose the weight and who really cares? It won't prove anything.

  3. Its not a laziness issue, this "fat" issue have many causes and outcomes across the whole human population it is just not one thing that causes obesity.