Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Don't Stay in School

Many young people are realizing they are not prepared for this world and the schools are falling down on the job. I always used to say even when I was a teacher, that students needed a practical living class, where they learned to write checks, how to do taxes, and do minor household repairs to either an apartment or home. They also needed to learn how hard it was to make a living and basic economic survival.

 Boyinaband forgot to include car repair. How much money could be saved if people knew basic car repair?  I wish me and my husband could take a class of automobile things we could fix without a lift. How about gardening? Practical skills have gone by the way side. Many like John Taylor Gatto have warned us the schools are set up the way they are to "keep" people ignorant. I also agree with him about the useless of forcing students to learn algebra and subjects they will never use. My years of learning algebra were useless. The high school classes for me that counted the most for use was 4 years of Spanish and Home Economics.


  1. I do think its cruel they don't teach these things in school. And even I think relationships are never taught in school. That is such a huge part of our lives, relationships with people, with the opposite sex, all people.

    1. I agree how come we never learned about narcissists or how to avoid sociopaths or real interpersonal relationship stuff? I even had psychology 101 in college and read a class mates abnormal psych and grad text books [hey remember I was a nerdy aspie] and in them narcissism was barely described, I saw only people in front of mirrors defined who were a little bit vain. I agree that stuff is left out too.

  2. I consider higher math the most fulfilling achievement and skill I acquired. But I actually needed it to figure materials for construction jobs. It is also is a good way to learn to problem solve in a sequential manner. But I still had my knowledge of agriculture and farming skills too. Other than that it was basically useless.

  3. But I see his point.