Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Diet Programs are Snake Oil

Language warning on this one, but she's right, they have known since the bleeping Eighties that diet programs don't work. The statistics about heroin addicts having more success are interesting.

I like what she says about the limits of will-power. Will-power is what they use to beat up on fat people all the time as if everyone had unlimited will-power and that is all it takes. Will power runs out. You know how some people start off the first period of time all gung ho on a diet, and it's even exciting but after some days, you are tired of feeling sick, and hungry and thinking about food. I'm happy when I can stop thinking about food and diets always used to make me focus on it more and "What do I get to eat?" She is absolutely correct about the limits of will-power.


  1. Since I have been eating organic, non-GMO vegetables and fruits, I realized they taste better than conventional ones where commercial farmers use pesticide, insecticide, and other chemical substances. Genetically engineered foods or food doused with chemicals taste terrible so people would consider "diet foods" consisting of fruits and vegetable hard to swallow since they don't taste great. Furthermore, some narc psychologists, nutritionist, and lay people would argue that it takes willpower to stick with a "diet plan."

    It is not commonly known that these "diet food" are laden with chemical and they taste terrible because of it because many people chose to ignore warnings against conventional foods or processed food that are not labeled as USDA organic or Non-GMO Project verified. I had a bowl of salad containing organic vegetables and meats for weeks that taste much better than McDonald's cheeseburger and fries. I noticed that conventional food taste bland and bitter these days. Diet food produced by a diet food company contain chemical ingredients. I remember seeing long lists of ingredients I did not recognize on frozen foods that Weight Watcher and Lean Cuisine produced.

    1. I buy organic food when I can, I'm going to buy organic sourdough bread today. I am noticing food does not taste the same too, and a lot of it is gross. I ate 3 Doritos the other day, --a food pantry gave them to us and I thought my bowels were going to be ripped out that night, GMOs really do hurt me bad. I shouldn't have ate them, but was hungry and just wanted to kill hunger pain. I had to say goodbye to McDonalds, the breakfast sandwiches are safer and I had to eat one during a power outage but many of their foods make me ill. Yes frozen diet foods, are often chemical city. Low-fat foods they pour sugar and chemicals in and the taste is awful. I got low-fat sour cream from a food pantry and it was gross. The body is more satisfied when there is better food too, and that impacts hunger levels and weight loss abilities. A lot of American food is very poor quality and worsening by the day.

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